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A beautiful day. The sun, high in the brilliant blue sky. The air warming to the skin.

I felt beckoned to go out, to join in the revelry of nature.

As I walked down the sidewalk I glanced to my right to see a most unsettling sight (image to the left).

The dark cloud almost seemed to have a silent but dominating presence. It moved in my direction, east to west. If one were to have an active imagination, it could be said that it seemed to be hunting for a place to land, for a location to unleash upon.

I imagined I could be that location.

To continue or go back for a waterproof jacket? That was the question.

A tug at my arm reminded me of the presence of yet another indomitable force, the Wonderdog.

I submitted to his will and we continued our trek along the sidewalk. Townhomes and a condo building hid the Cloud (for it seemed imposing enough for a proper name) for a number of minutes as we walked on the sidewalk, turned the corner and continued along.

As we passed the tallest building, I looked to see where the Cloud was currently ‘hanging out’. I looked left and right. I even digressed from our regular walk and moved toward the back of the condo building, thinking it had moved more quickly than I’d imagined.

It was gone. The remnants of it dispersing, dissolving into the atmosphere.

Then Solomon said,
“The Lord has said that
he would dwell in a dark cloud”
2 Chronicles 6:1

God dwell in a dark cloud?

I can envision him in a cloud, but … in my imagination it’s a white, fluffy cloud reminiscent of that commercial for cream cheese. I simply do not imagine God on or in a dark, thunderous, threatening cloud.

Now, some have said it is because God is light and so his brilliance would make the cloud appear dark. But, what if we look at it as God being in the midst of dark clouds that sometimes surround us? What if he comes into our dark clouds with us, so that we are not alone, so that there is still the presence of light, even when we cannot see it?

Isaiah 25:4 :

“For You have been a strong-place for those who could not help themselves and for those in need because of much trouble. You have been a safe place from the storm and a shadow from the heat.”


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