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As I was preparing to leave for work the other day, I grabbed the papers in my mailbox, shoved them into my bag, and headed out the door. When I got home and dumped my belongings onto my bed I noticed there was a form there, a staff intention form for the next school year.

The staff intention form is just that, a form that allows my employer know what I hope to do next year; whether I plan to return to work at the school, whether I desire to switch campus (from High to Middle or Elementary), whether I desire a different job assignment or stay with the student(s), and if I have any questions. Now there is no magic fairy that waves it’s magic wand and can ensure that my wish is their command, but it does allow us, as staff, to wish upon a star.

But, I digress …

Because what I really wanted to write about today is my evil side … when it comes to filling out forms. There is nothing so amazingly exciting to me as a form, with all those boxes to check, and dates to fill in, and questions to answer. Believe me, it has nothing to do with a love of paperwork, but more the possible ways I might (not so accurately) fill in the blanks.

This is not a love that my children share with me, but that is understandable, since it is usually for them that I am filling out forms … although I have noticed that they are taking their forms to the dad more often. I should explain …

When my kids need a form filled out, often there is a question like:

Is your child allergic to anything?

And I respond … air

Or, for camp:

Are there any dietary restrictions for your child?

And I respond … foods made with animals, grains, and produce give her extreme case of flatulence (she gets it from her father’s side).

Does your child have a bed wetting problem?

And I respond … yes … hum, that might explain last summer when my daughter said she was the only one with a plastic mattress at camp …

Maybe I should have responded … only if she is sleeping in a bed?

Or, for immunization forms:

Please list the last Tetanus shot date

And I respond … who is tetanus and why is he shooting? or, you did it last time, why can’t you remember?

For some unknown reason, this sort of thing just makes my day! I love the thought of being cheeky or mischevous, and I especially love the thought of someone reading the form and getting a laugh, or smile from my insane nature.

Now to fill out my form …

What are your intentions for the next school year?

This is gonna be fun!

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