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Sometimes ideas for blog posts simply cross my path … this time it ran out to greet me … wagging it’s tail.

On a dark and rainy night, I was heading home when something in the distance up the street caught my eye, and alerted me to proceed with caution.

As I got closer to the intersection, I saw clearly what had been in the shadows … a very happy dog.


When I saw him on the sidewalk he was doing the canine equivalent of the happy dance, and I knew instinctively that he was a fugitive on the run.

As the cohabitator of a beast who has frequently been such a fugitive, I had seen the signs. Mouth wide open to fully taste freedom. Eyes wide opened so as to see previously unexplored places. Nose in the air filling his lungs with every scent he had previously only sniffed in passing, while out on leash. Tail raised like a monarchs sceptre, as if to say, “I’m the alpha dog.” And a body that could not stay still with the excitement of being free.

He appeared to be friendly, young, and a purebred Golden Retriever … not the sort of beast that normally lives on the streets of the burbs.

I was concerned that his joie de vivre was going to get him swiped, or wiped out by the next vehicle driven he decided to run out to sniff or chase.

As I looked into his big brown eyes I imagined that he might have a human pair of baby blues waiting at home for his return. So I turned the corner and parked on the side of the road, between a house in darkness, and one brightly lit.

“Now what?” I spoke into the air, as my furry stalker looked back at me … as if to say, “wanna play?”

Thankfully one of the two phone numbers I actually know is that of a family from that hood. I called, described the pup, and asked if it might sound like one they know. Through a series of questions we determined that I might actually be parked right in front of this dogs home.

I took a deep breath, and prayed quickly that this dog might be more beauty than beast.

The van door was barely shut when the freedom flier came soaring towards me. It sniffed my hand, my feet, my legs … all seemed to be going well! Then it jumped up, and I abruptly went into dog-owner mode and said in my ‘alpha’ voice


… and he did.

All human concerns were gone … this dog knew his place (even if he had decided to vacate for awhile).

He followed me like a … puppy, to the door of the well lit house. To the door came two ladies, a two young children, and a mini-beast. When the door opened, one of the women said, “how did he get out?”

Apparently the beautiful beast truly was a fugitive, and by the looks of love on all faces, a deeply wanted one too. The beast seemed to smile, as affection was lavished upon him, from his human and canine pack.

sometimes the look of freedom comes from escaping

but sometimes …

it comes from returning

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