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This past weekend the time sprung ahead one hour, causing all sorts of sleep issues for everyone who must live our lives by the movement of clocks.

One mom said,

“I love this time change … said no parent ever.”

b99fd3b64e2c2ec300b72a01b07b1d54But all is not dire when it comes to the approach of spring!

Just this weekend the sun felt so warm.

The snowdrop bulbs are in full bloom in my garden.

Daffodil and Hibiscus and tulip plants are coming through ground.

Grass is growing.

Buds are forming on the flowering fruit trees.

Kids played on the streets until 7:00, when the sun sunk below the horizon.

Just last week, as I let the beast out for her morning bladder emptying, I was serenaded by the dawn chorus of the birds in the trees surrounding our house. Their music drawing me onto the deck to absorb it straight in to my soul.

A few years ago we (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘I’) moved two Forsythia trees from a hill in the front of our house to a raised section in the back. They are perfectly situated to observe and appreciate from our dining room table. As a lover of the awakenings of spring, I have been known to say, on a daily basis,

“have you seen the yellow trees are blooming?”

Hubby and kids roll their eyes, or finish my statement before I am able to complete it. It has become an ‘inner circle’ joke, that will, one day, be remembered with laughter when I am long gone. And I am okay with my memory being connected with the new growth and blooming of such a free spirited and beautiful tree.

Sometimes I marvel at the newness of spring, in the midst of the Easter and Lent season. A season when things that have long died, come alive with beauty, newness and hope of the days to come. A parallel on Earth, to that which Easter represents … a dying so that life might come again.

Spring is coming!

Though the time change this weekend pushed the sun’s rise until later in the morning, I know that in no time at all, I will again awaken to light filtering in through the bedroom windows. That is the hope that spring provides.

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