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I love renovating and reviving parts of our house!

As summer break approaches, I begin to envision what project I might be able to work on this year. I start searching websites for instructions and hints. I scour for free furnishings or materials. I ask more knowledgeable and experienced people for their recommendations.

Recently I shared with you about the renovation of a bedroom and bathroom, that I worked on last summer. Today I will share how the bathroom renovation turned out.



As you can see, in the above ‘before’ pictures, the bathroom was pretty standard. What the pictures do not show is that the vanity was originally painted a creamy white … hum, or it was painted bright white, that faded over the thirty plus years it sat in this bathroom. There was no many in the reno.  budget for a new vanity, so I primed, then painted it a black-brown (similar to the Ikea color), inside and out. I removed all four doors, and only re-installed two of them (in the middle), so as to add more openness and to create a more interesting look.

The counter top stayed, as it would fit the new look, and the sink, although not replaced in the ‘after’ picture, will be replaced with a new (white) one this summer (as will the toilet).


The walls were all painted a creamy white color, that brightened the small room immediately.

Then there was the mirror.

Have I mentioned that I was on a VERY tight budget?

The original mirror was a typical, builder grade mirror. I contemplated a ‘cheap’ but pretty one from Ikea, but that was not in my budget. I also contemplated finding an old mirror at a thrift store, and having the mirror cut to fit … again, not always the thrifty alternative that one would hope. So, I went to the pile of moldings in my garage, and started measuring and imagining. What I settled on was to create a frame for the current mirror, that would add some pizazz to the room.


I also found a cute wall cabinet at a thrift store for about five dollars. It too got primed and painted the wall color, then hung over the toilet for more storage.

Once the constructing and painting were done, my daughter added her creativity to make the room her own.


All in all (toilet not included) the bathroom renovation only cost me the expense of new nails, carpenters glue, a fifteen dollar sink (from Craigslist) and the five dollar cabinet. I had the primer and paints from previous projects. I would estimate that the cost of renovating the room (pre-toilet), from my pocket, was less than twenty-five dollars!





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