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I wanted to make a cake, a birthday cake. One of the students I work with was turning eighteen, and I wanted him to have the experience of a crowd of people, of friends, crowded around singing the most radical, off key rendition of Happy Birthday to You, with a candle burning on the top of a chocolate cake. All to him.

So, at about 8pm, the night before, I began the hauling of ingredients from my cupboards. All was going well, and I was envisioning his big smile, with every ingredients I added.

The cake came out of the oven looking amazing, and smelling divine.

As it cooled, in the glass dish, I started to make the icing … more chocolatey goodness! Except that, as I added the icing sugar to the bowel, I somehow dropped a significant amount onto the top of my cake. Not wanting the powdery white to destroy my chocolate work of art, I tipped it towards the icing bowl …

Now, to segue … if anyone out there ever has a problem with their cakes sticking to the pans, I have a no-stick spray for you!

… Yup! Half the cake slid ever so quickly and easily from its glass dish, and onto my dog hair covered floor!

I shrieked an inhuman sound, then calmly formed, Plan B.

This plan consisted of simply taking half the cake … half was probably more than enough. So, I continued with the icing, only to realize that I was making too little, even for half a cake! I roughly added about fifty percent more ingredients, then iced the half cake. As I was finishing I could wait no longer, and just had to have a taste of the tempting sugary icing. The taste was so … disappointing. Not creamy, not buttery, not even sickeningly sweet, but … heavy.

It wasn’t until I was putting the ingredients away that I discovered the reason … you see the container where I keep my icing sugar looks exactly like the one I keep the flour in!

At this point, I went to bed. Surely morning would dawn with new opportunities …

I awoke at 5:30am, determined to make things right. I hauled the ingredients from their homes … again.

By 6:45am I was making icing. Once this was done, I just needed to shower and dress for work.

Sadly my brain cells were not fully alert, and when I went to push the lock on my mixing bowl, I instead increased the speed …

My corner of the kitchen (and I) looked like the cocoa apocalypse had happened.

I did make it to work, even on time!

First thing in the morning I saw the birthday boy, and you’ll never guess
what he brought and was ever so excited to share?

Yup! A chocolate cake.

There was no way I would indicate that I had also brought a cake, for his offering had the ingredients of giving, of sharing in his special day.

Though it was his birthday, he was the giver, and a selfless one as well.

He relished in the candles being lit, the crowd of witnesses singing wishes of a happy birthday, and then his personal delivery of each slice to his friends. His gift was perfectly selfless.

Christmas is coming. The season when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. He came into this world receiving gifts of gold, frankincense and myhrr, but his ultimate arrival was to give, selflessly, to those who he served.

May we all live to give, and to serve.

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