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Morning has Broken

Each day, at the Bichi Borghesi estate, begins with the sounds of such a variety of chirping birds, as I have never heard. Soon after, the dawn chorus is accompanied by a most local rooster, cock-a-doodling boldly from the farm above our apartment.

The light, filtered through the gauzy curtains, confirms for my eyes, what my ears have already told me, morning has broken.

Though my brain is full of fog, the events of the new day awaken my imagination and my eyes pop open fully as my heart begins it’s beat of anticipation.

Another day has birthed wide awake in this amazingly serene Tuscan paradise. 

Once morning ablutions are complete, chit chat with my lady roomies leads us to our morning breakfast kitchen. 

Until the scheduled breakfast start time, the heavy wood door remains closed, building our anticipation and appetites.

Then the ‘golden hour’ arrives, and the door opens with a welcoming smile on the faces of our hostesses.

We enter into the brightly painted room, to perfectly set tables, delicious hand made baked goods, freshly prepared fruitful our bowls, hot eggs with vegetables, sliced Italian cheese and ham. 

The most anticipated delicacy is the hot Italian coffee, full-bodied flavour, the likes of which I have never tasted before. Adding the cold milk only enhances its perfection (and that is saying something when one normally only prefers her essential fluid-fuel with half-n-half).

The volume of the room rises as each woman enters to cheers and greetings and good mornings. The bright and friendly golden walls only reflect the bright and friendly souls who enter in, for sustenance, for sisterhood.

It is home, yet not home.

Morning has broken …

And I wonder how close it might be to that first morning. 

Mine is the sunlight!

Mine is the morning

Born of the one light

Eden saw play!

Praise with elation

Praise every morning

God’s re-creation

Of the new day!

-Elenor Farjeon (popularized by Cat Stevens)


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