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Left wing or right?

C/conservative or L/liberal?

I feel as though our world has gone crazy for pigeon-holing other humans.

As one who has always been quite comfortable being strangely unique, I am offended  (word of the day) by this pigeon-holing.

Because I am a woman …
does not mean I am a feminist, believe I am under the subjugation of men, or love Grey’s Anatomy (nor am I saying I am not).

Because I am an educator …
does not mean that I vote with union-supporting parties, believe that higher education is the only way to a successful life, or that I have amazing handwriting on a chalk/white board (nor am I saying I am not/do not).

Because I am a west coaster …
does not mean that I wear Birkenstocks (with or without wool socks), eat a Vegan diet, or that I do yoga on the beach (nor am I saying that I am not/do not).

Because I am a Christian, does not mean that I hate anyone who is Muslim, gay or whoever wears tattoos … period!

Here is who I am …
I am, first and foremost, a flawed, undeserving recipient of the most awe-inspiring redemption, from the One who set the world in place (though, I am not sure if it happened in seven days, seconds or millions of years … but I am fully confident that it was by an intelligent being).

I have voted for three national political parties since the first time I was of age to practice the privilege of voting. I vote with my conscience, not with the conscience of a politician, or a party.

I have three children, who I have encouraged, since childhood, to look out for the underdog, the new kid, those who may seem weak … never has this encouragement been connected to a race, religion, lifestyle or any other differential. To care about and for all created things. And I have taught them to NEVER make statements that they are not willing to do something about (and that holding a placard is not as important as reaching for the hand of one who has fallen or been pushed down).

I believe it is possible to have a relationship, even love, someone with whom I disagree. I do not choose to love only those who think like me … how lacking in diversity of life.

I believe in free speech … even when I do not like what is being communicated.

I believe that all of human history matters, and that we learn from what was done right, as well as what was done wrongly. This is the reality of all human existence, that we all have the capability of good and of evil.

I am not perfect … not in my actions, my attitudes or my words, for “there is no just man (or woman)” (Romans 3:10).

I am no pigeon and, I bet, neither are you.






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