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Halfway to Spring Break!

That is what this weekend represents.

It also represents halfway to the first day of Spring, which is then halfway to the first day of summer! I do love to look ahead, and anticipate longer daylight, warmer temperatures and slower times.

This week the most viewed post was a reminder that sometimes, to get through the dark day we need to look back, not forward, and see that we can trust the God of today and tomorrow, because He was trustworthy yesterday. To do this can remind us to have A Joy Perspective. May you have that joy perspective this weekend.

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Blessings to you this day,

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A Joy Perspective

On a winter morning, with fog in my brain, not enough coffee in the pot, not enough minutes to sit and create, not enough surety in the day to come … I can easily, quickly, flounder into a dark place.

Then, the beautiful, gentle-but-firm reminder the newness of the day, of fresh starts, of mercies, of a presence of comfort and hope is in front of me,

and I doubt my own doubts, and I feel the joy of anticipation of what lies ahead.

What has changed?

The fog in my brain is still thick, there is still not enough coffee, still not enough creation minutes, still no surety in the day to come, but …

I have been reminded of what I already know …

I can trust Him with my heart.

He was there all through the winter mornings in January.

He was there with long range vision of the future I could not, can not, see.

He was there when plans changed, when choices were diminished.

He was there when all hell broke loose.

He was there when all seemed dark, and bleak, and hopeless …


because He was there,

because He IS here,

I can face the unknowns of today, from my vantage point of weakness, and trust that He will be with me through it all. Never alone will I be, as He is always with me.


He is with you.

Through whatever twist and turn that has changed your plans, your dreams … He is with you.

Trust Him … He is trustworthy.

He is doing a new and beautiful thing in you …

He provides reason to have a joy perspective.


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