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Whether it is a vacation, a weekend or a snow day, we all need (physically, mentally and spiritually) periodic breaks from the everyday of life.

At some point in my life I remember a slogan, whose origins I do not remember (and could not find in my web search):

a break from the everyday

I love my life, my job, the routines and rhythms of my days … that is what gets me up and keeps the hamster on the wheel.

But …

it is the times of break from the everyday routines that are the fuel for the everyday.

I experience, what I like to call my undiagnosed ADHD, as soon as a break begins. It is a struggle to sleep (though exhausted) and a struggle to sit still. I am like a child at Christmas … not wanting to waste a precious second of this gift of time (usually refinishing a new ‘treasure’). Eventually sleep does come and a book or puzzle does get pulled out … and I breath.

The season of Lent is a similar break. Perhaps the break is from a habit or pleasure, perhaps it is the addition of prayer, or fasting, or both.

Lent culminates in the remembering of Christ’s final week … the entrance to Jerusalem, the final supper, betrayal, night in Gethsemane, arrest, trial, torture, crucifixion, death, and rising again.

It is his rising again that gives us breath, that makes our everyday hope-filled. It is in his rising that gives us a break from the emptiness of routine without hope of renewal … renewal that lasts an eternity.

Sabbath Poem V,
Wendell Berry

Six days of work are spent To make a Sunday quiet
That Sabbath may return.
It comes in unconcern;
We cannot earn or buy it. Suppose rest is not sent
Or comes and goes unknown, The light, unseen, unshown. Suppose the day begins

In wrath at circumstance,
Or anger at one’s friends
In vain self-innocence
False to the very light, Breaking the sun in half,
Or anger at oneself
Whose controverting will Would have the sun stand still. The world is lost in loss

Of patience; the old curse Returns, and is made worse As newly justified.
In hopeless fret and fuss, In rage at worldly plight Creation is defied,

All order is unpropped,
All light and singing stopped.


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As of today, the countdown really ends!

Hubby joins our younger two and myself on Spring Break (the oldest already had her reading week).

I LOVE Spring Break! It is such a productive two weeks off.

So far I have :

  • accumulated three bags of ‘stuff’ to go to the thrift store
  • purchased crack filler, and filled all holes in the room to be painted, as well as one to do touch-ups
  • had a neighbor over for dinner
  • experimented with two dinner recipes, granola bars and an apple cake
  • eliminated clothes that our son has outgrown
  • signed one kid up for summer camp and work camp
  • raked, trimmed and tidied our back garden, accumulating five garbage cans of yard waste
  • had lunch with our son
  • had lunch with our daughter, a friend and her daughter
  • had two ‘play dates’ (are they still called that when they are teens?)
  • tidied my bathroom vanity
  • and got a head cold

Every break from school results in the same scenario. I am so excited each night to have the next day off, that I struggle to get to sleep. Then, when I awaken at ungodly morning hours (like 5am), I am too excited about the clean-slate day to be able to get back to sleep. The result is that I get sick.

But, a swirly headache, and sandpaper throat are not going to keep me down …

I have a to do list to finish.

And that is how I approach each break … as a to do list.

Not that it is a bad thing to clear the cobwebs in our minds of all the things we never seem to have time for, as accomplishing so many of these things provides head space so that we can then do more of what is really important.


maybe, just maybe, part of the reason we have such breaks is so that we actually slow down, and refresh?

Hum, I need to consider that …

after I give Hubby his To Do list 😉 .

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