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cropped-life-inspirational-advice-watch-me-people-favim-com-5658391Today’s guest post is by a lady named Diane Owens, and her blog is called “It’s a New Day … a Journey of Health and Wellness.”

Diane spent the first year of blog writing asking a question each day for 365 days. I had been captivated by that concept, and have become a regular reader since. This year, as he blog name would indicate, she is focusing on improving her overall health.

The post I am featuring today, Just a Few Things to Ponder, is about her success so far. The part that captivated me is a Kate Moss (supermodel) quote that we have probably all heard, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

I admit, I have heard it and read it, and only felt the guilt of those words … on my abs., my thighs, etc. Diane, though, had the insight to see those words as dangerous.

As a ‘lifer’ in regards to trying to attain, maintain, and re-attain a healthier body, as well as being a mother, and one who works in a high school, I fully understand the struggle of health and weight. I fully understand the difficulty of living in a ‘Super Size’ world with waif’s on the cover of every grocery store magazine.

Diane has to come the realization that, “I now know that my body does not define me….it is simply my home that needs to be nourished properly….so I am able to live a long life and accomplish all of those other things that DO define me.” May we all come to this realization!

Check her post out! She even ends off with a few questions … good questions for us all!

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Today I want to introduce you to Diane Owens, a thirty-something year old lady from the United States. Diane is a writer whose blog I follow, mainly due to the name of her blog, “In My Opinion …”

In this post Diane shares three stories.

One of the stories is of the image to the right. A familiar image, as the intensity and beauty of this girl have been seared into the memories of those of us who saw it on the cover of a National Geographic magazine, many years ago, and has been duplicated in many forms. There is a story behind the image of Sharbat Gula, and Diane shares it here.

She also shares a story which is still in the news. It is the story of fourteen year old, Rimsha Masih, a Christian in Pakistan. She was accused, this summer, with burning pages of the Qur’an. This accusation of blasphemy could result in a death sentence. She is also reported to be “mentally slow” (perhaps having Down’s Syndrome/Trisomy 21). This story is worth following, people. So google her name to get the latest news on this story.

The third, and middle article that Diane shares has to do with the extremist, terrorist group Hezbollah. It too is an article that makes one wonder.

Take a moment and read these thought-provoking posts by Diane Owens,who writes in her opinion.

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