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Dave and Susie are the bloggers at Double Hockey Sticks. They write about marriage, conflict … life.

I love reading their posts, and I feel I am becoming quite acquainted with this pair.

It always intrigues me when I read a post that seems to be exactly what I had been pondering, and that is the case when I read Why I Am Creating Margin.


The concept of margin is something that my hubby introduced to me a few years back when his medical doctor introduced him to the book, Margin, by Richard Swenson.

Like the crisp, clean space around a piece of loose-leaf paper, margin in all areas of our lives is not just a helpful, but a healthy thing to save, to plan for, to protect. In our lives today, margin is not a common concept.

We live financially from paycheck to paycheck.

We live physically medicating our ailments rather than get the rest, the physical activity, the healthy eating that could prevent some of those problems in the first place.

We live emotionally … wait, no we do not live emotionally! We live medicated due to stress and worry and fear that something might happen that stops us from ‘contributing’ to society.

We live tied to the clock!

All of this, margin-less living, means that we need to live our lives in such a way as to keep the machine going. This hinders us from living the passion-filled lives … in our jobs, in our communities (school, church, recreation), in our relationships with those we love, that our Creator breathed life into us to live.

Give the blog of Dave and Susie a read, or take a peek at the website of Dr. Richard Swenson, and consider what the margin in your life looks like.

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It is Saturday, and I am determined that I get some organizing done. The past couple of weeks have been so full of so many other things that piles of ‘stuff’ were in every room of our home. The head space that these piles were stealing from me was immense. I just had to get my house, and therefore my head, in order.

So, after writing a bit, doing laundry, then a few errands I started to eradicate my piles of ‘stuff.’ The further I progressed through the ordered piles, the more mess I was making. I would take an item off the pile, and place it in another, indicating where it would go … another room, another person, garbage, storage, etc. In no time at all one pile could result in as much as eight new piles. Finally I paused, and wanted to give up.

My cleaning was resulting in more mess!

It’s Saturday is a post by a guest blogger whose blog is called double hockey sticks. I love the story-telling of this lady blogger (whose name I have yet to determine), and how she teaches me, and makes me ponder her words with each post. This particular post will coincide well with my Saturday cleaning experience.

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