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One day last summer I captured, in the picture above, a dragonfly on one of my hydrangea flowers. I have to say, it is a great picture, full of color and light and life. It is not everyday that amateurs like me have such an opportunity to take such a beautiful photo (the photographers reading this would undoubtedly not see it as technically beautiful).

There is only one problem with this photo … it is a fake!

You see, the day I took this photo the hydrangeas were looking spectacular, and so I walked over to them to get a closer look at their beauty. It was when I got to a particular plant that I noticed something laying on the landscape tie below the blooms. What was lying there was a dragonfly … a beautiful, marvelous dragonfly … which was dead. So, I gently lifted the dragonfly and placed it on the flower.

What appeared to be so real, so beautiful, so full of life, was actually dead.

As Christians we can be so much like that dragonfly.

We do all that we should.

We look so good on the outside.

Our appearance draws others to us.

But, we are lifeless, dead on the inside.

Just like the dragonfly that I placed on the hydrangea, placing us in this beautiful creation does not change the fact that we are withering on the inside.

Although there was no hope for the dragonfly, there is much hope for us.

Ezekiel 37 tells us:

‘Our bones are dried up, our hope is gone, there’s nothing left of us.’
“Therefore, prophesy.
Tell them, ‘God, the Master, says:
I’ll dig up your graves and bring you out alive—O my people!
Then I’ll take you straight to the land of Israel.
When I dig up graves and bring you out as my people,
you’ll realize that I am God.
I’ll breathe my life into you and you’ll live.
Then I’ll lead you straight back to your land and you’ll realize that I am God.
I’ve said it and I’ll do it.
God’s Decree.’”

“God’s Decree” … I think what was really meant was ‘pinky swear.’

He says it, and He will do it … now, the first step is to realize that He is God.

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This coming Friday is Black Friday.

For those of us who are not familiar with this annual, largely American (although spreading all over North America) tradition of Black Friday, it is the Friday following American thanksgiving, which signifies the start of the holiday shopping season. Retailers have traditionally opened their doors earlier than normal, and had specials to attract shoppers to set their alarm clocks for ungodly hours.

I admit, I have never gone shopping on Black Friday, although I have considered it a time or two, but the memories of the news stories of years past has always kept me safe at home.

I was recently speaking with an employee of a large department store about this infamous day. She is a woman working a low paying, thankless job, in order to pay her bills and support her

family. She was a delightful woman, who would appear to work hard, and treat other people well. As we talked it was obvious that she was certainly not excited by the idea that she would need to return to work, on her holiday planned with family, hours earlier than one year ago. For she, and many like her, the day set aside for giving thanks will instead be spent serving many people who walk with an air of expectation and entitlement.

Then she told me a story from the year before. An older woman was waiting patiently in line for a store employee to open up an electronics wall. When the door opened, the crowd surged forward, like starving dogs before a dead carcass, hoping to find a morsel of meat left on the bones. The older lady fell to her knees, and the crowd around her was so ravenous for whatever lifeless thing they were pursuing that they did not even notice her fall. Thankfully, a pair of store staff did notice, and were able to lock up the wall and open the eyes of the crowd to the lady who had fallen.

The comment of the store employee has stuck with me, “people are becoming like animals! They did not care or even notice this poor woman … they could have trampled her to death!”

Indeed, our human race is losing the breath of life that was given to us at the beginning of time, the breath of life that we should be so thankful for. It makes me ask, as was asked by God, in the middle of a valley full of very dry bones, in Ezekiel 37, “son of man, can these bones live?”” I too would respond, “Sovereign Lord, you alone know.”

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