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One of the relationships between two people in the Bible, that I am most in awe of is the friendship between David and Jonathan. They loved each other as brothers (perhaps this is the relationship David’s son Solomon was thinking of when he wrote the Proverb about “a friend who sticks closer than a brother … though, I guess, if this was the case it was only so because of what he heard his father say of his dear friend Jonathan).

Their souls were knit together (1 Samuel 18:1).

At the death of Jonathan, David declared, you were delightful to me; your love to me was extraordinary (2 Samuel 1:26).

After Jonathan’s father, Saul, ordered all of his servants, including Jonathan to kill David, Jonathan warned him because he delighted greatly in David (1 Samuel 19:1).

The faithfulness of Jonathan to his friend had great weight when Jonathan was one of the names given to our son. My hope for him has always been that he would love his friends with such commitment.

I think part of my admiration for Jonathan’s friendship for David is that he was such a better friend than I am. He was committed, consistent, sacrificial. I can be inconsistent, selfish.

I have a wonderful group of friends. Some I see regularly, some too rarely. Some I met through work, or church or through my husband or kids. Some who I have known since children, when we attended elementary school together and some who I have met in recent months. Some who are my age, others who are a generation younger, or older. No matter the amount of time we spend together, the length of our relationships, our ages, or what/who brought us together there is a beautiful bond that, as I get older, grows sweeter, dearer, more important to me existence.

A friend is truly a gift in this life. They make life better … simply by being yours.

In this month full of chocolates and flowers and candle-lit dinners, may we not forget to express our love for those who are our friends who stick closer than sisters … or brothers.


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Sitting in the driver’s seat, I struggled to focus on my task behind the wheel.

My vehicle was filled with myself and four teenage bodies.

Driving ‘shot gun’ was our DJ for the ride. He plus two of the back seaters had started school together. They have gone through the trials and excitement of starting kindergarten, school trips, group assignments, team sports, puberty, crushes on girls and pounding on each other on the playground.

Those three … they are friends.

Perfect, inseparable, ever-loving friends?


They have fought, cursed each other (out loud and silently), ignored each other, and put their individual self ahead of the others.

In other words, they are real friends.

I have had friends like that over the years too. Friends who are close for a season, then not so close. Friends who have ignored me. Friends who I have put behind my own desires.

But, back to my journey. 

We had been on a school-related outing for the day.

Our DJ for the drive had hooked his phone up to my vehicle, and he was confidently rocking to the music … hitting every note … I mean EVERY note that exists! He was revelling in sharing his favourites, at very high volumes.

Some days I really struggle with how to ensure that this young man has interactions with friends. After all, he lives life with a diagnosis, and developmental issues that make it harder for him to ‘keep up’, socially with his peers.

But, this day, in my vehicle with these young men, I realized how very far school has come, since I was there age, when I had little interaction with the students of similar diagnosis.

Now these are not perfect, inseparable, ever-loving friends.

They have fought, cursed each other (out loud and silently), ignored each other, and put their individual self ahead of the others.

In other words, they are real friends.

We all sang along with him, for a few lines of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. 

He LOVED it … and sang louder.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, I struggled to focus on my task behind the wheel.

Because the joy of everyone in my vehicle shone on the faces of all within, and it reminded me that when it comes to friendships, we should never stop believing.




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