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Move that Bus!


You know that show, the one where a needy family gets a vacation. While they are having a fun family time away, good ol’ designers, builders and neighbors transform their house into a show home. Then, when they return there is an enormous bus parked between them (and their waiting) and a brand-spanking new home (and a fresh start).

Well, I recently got to experience something similar to the long-awaited call to “move that bus.”

Ever been in a pit?

Ever felt like you cannot even remember if you jumped in, or if you were pushed there?

Ever looked at where you are and wondered aloud, “how did I get in this mess?”

Haven’t we all been in that place!? In that head space? In that season?

As I sat in an auditorium …

As I sat in an auditorium ignoring why I thought I was there …

As I sat in an auditorium distracted immensely, intensely by what wasn’t supposed to matter …

I remembered why.

Just the night before I had audibly said, prayed, uttered the question,


I had no anticipation of a response. Not that night. Not the day to come. Not ever.

It seemed that why was something I said, not asked. It was like an exhale, a natural response to taking in … just something I said, something I did … every day.

My why was yet another cry to “move that bus.”

Are you with me?

Have you been there?

Haven’t we all been there?

And then, as though the details of time and place and people were orchestrated by the hand of God. As though the waiting really was part of the process of leading me to this point. I didn’t care about why, because the film was removed from my eyes and I was reminded of my passion.

I was reminded that I had a passion, a purpose.

I was reminded that God did not create me to survive, but to thrive.

I was reminded that God, the giver of good gifts, gives out of abundance, so that we might use those gifts to glorify Him.

And, without uttering a word,

He moved the bus.

these things I plan won’t happen right away.
Slowly, steadily, surely,
the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled.
If it seems slow, do not despair,
for these things will surely come to pass.
Just be patient!
They will not be overdue a single day!”

Habakkuk 2:3-4

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