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We’ve seen it all, heard it all, done it all …

and yet do we know who we are?

We encourage fitness, education, therapies, plastic surgeries, diagnosis, knowledge, training and self improvement …

yet, do we know who we are?

We read the books, all the books …

yet, do we know who we are?

We have voices everywhere telling us (or ours is telling others) who we, who they, are.

We see magazines, and talk shows telling us that outward change will change their, change our, lives for the better.

We are told to do, to say, to learn, to change, to become who we really are, who we have always been meant to be …

yet, do we know who we are?

If I listen to my heart …

I will think only of me

If I listen to my body …

I will think only of me

If I listen to my mind …

I will think only of me

So often we try to make changes to our body, to how we live, or we venture into studies and programs, or we sit with a therapist, thinking that these outward changes will change our life, who we are. Though they may help for awhile, we need to recognize that who we are is not about what we feel, or think, or know.

Our diet is not who we are.

Our occupation is not who we are.

Our gender is not who we are.

Our education is not who we are.

Our race or culture is not who we are.

Our passion is not who we are.

Even our religion is not who we are.

In Jeremiah 1:5 we are told:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart …”

You, and I, were conceived in the plan of Christ before our heart, body and mind were created. Our soul was the planned work. We existed in the mind of the Creator, for we are His creation, we are reflections of the Creator.

I read a blog post, this past weekend, written by a woman, who has fought the Cancer fight for years. Her post was titled, “I am Ready to Die.” In it, she tells of how she still believes that she could be healed, but that she is ready to say farewell to this life.

The final line of her post is this:

“Isn’t saying I’m ready to die just meaning it is well with my soul?”

And, isn’t saying it is well with my soul, meaning I am okay?

Your heart is not you,
It is your reflection.
Your body is not you,

It is your container.
Your mind is not you,
it is the information center.
So, who is “you”?
Your soul is you,
and in it, you are uniquely you.
Carole Wheaton

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