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194510_10150155497290789_6484144_oHappy belated International Women’s Day.

I admit, I only knew that because the Google search bar told me. When I read that it was, sarcasm and cynicism crept into my mind.

“If we need an International day to celebrate it, to make us ‘special’, then we haven’t accepted equality in our own hearts, minds and souls.” (me)

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that both genders are equal, should be paid equally for equal work, should be treated equally in society, should have opportunities equally, should be valued equally in terms of rights, in terms of value.

I just struggle when any group of individuals wants to be the headline of the day. Even if it is a group I belong to.

I believe that equality was modelled for us by Jesus himself (John 8:1-11), when a woman caught in the act of adultery (presumably with a man … but he wasn’t brought to Jesus).

The Pharisees, who brought her to him, said, “hey Jesus” (I hear baiting in their voices). Then they proceed  to remind Jesus that the Law of Moses (their law, his Law) says that such ‘persons’ should be stoned, and ask him what he says (they were trying to incriminate him in disobeying the Law).

Then Jesus goes all … silent, and writes in the sand … (AND NO ONE THOUGHT TO TAKE NOTE OF WHAT HE WROTE!) He stood up and said, “whoever here has never sinned, take the first shot at her.”

And they scatter, like all of them.

So, it’s just the woman caught in adultery and Jesus left.

He says to her, “where are they? Is there no one ready to throw stones at you?”

And she says, “no one, Master” (you could say this was her conversion experience).


So Jesus (probably shrugging) says, “neither do I. Go on your way.” (ahh, love it). 

Now the modern version might end there, but the story is incomplete with what he said after that …

 ” From now on, don’t sin.”

He didn’t patronize her with “poor you” talk. He didn’t bring up her tough upbringing, or difficult economic situation. What he did do was he called a spade a spade, to the ill-intended religious leaders, and to the woman before him. He treated them equally.

Actually, he didn’t. What Jesus did for this woman was more. He gave her a new and improved trajectory for her life. He led her to acknowledge that she had to accept responsibility for her own actions (something he didn’t bother doing with the son of a guns who used her … in more ways than one).

What Jesus did for this woman was to empower her to not be a victim of her circumstances. His attention and care for her empowered her right to freedom. He acknowledged her ability to choose a better future than her past.

To move away from the circumstances we are dealt with, to choose to live differently, to accept responsibility for the wrongs we, ourselves, have done … that is woman power!





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