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A great and thrilling start to my new school year was a bonding adventure with my co-workers. The really thrilling part was that it was at an undisclosed location, doing an undisclosed activity.

I was nervous!

There were those thoughts of:

-what will I be ‘expected’ to do?

-will I make a fool out of myself?

-what if I cannot do what the others can?

… and more.

But, I had no choice but to look at the integrity and reputation of the administrative team, and trust that they had a plan that was safe.

After a number of twists and turns (a couple of them u-turns), and great quantities (and volumes) of hoots and hollers, we arrived at our destination … a ropes course. I’ve always wanted to do a ropes course!

20130827-203218.jpgAccording to the information I read, the course takes you from 2m to 18m up into the trees. It includes climbing, swinging, zip lining, tightropes and many, many challenges.

It was such great fun, and so very mentally challenging.

There was one point, when my arms felt as though they had been transformed into jello, and I had to pull myself along a rope (while balancing, precariously, meters up in the air) from one platform to the next. I was …

d o n e

After exerting much energy, and seemingly going nowhere, I said to myself, ‘I’m safe in the harness, I will not fall, so to heck with balancing, just plunge forward, there is no risk.’

And so I did … it was probably not very graceful or pretty (not much of what I do is), but I made it to that next platform much faster … because I trusted in the integrity and historical safety of what I was attached to.

As I sat at home that evening, fretting and worrying about how my professional skills and abilities are like … Jello. About how I could not possibly go to work with the strength I need to meet the needs of the students I will be working with …

I remembered the harness, and how I stopped trying to balance on my own strength, and simply rest in the integrity and historical safety of what I was attached to.

There’s a harness that can provide such security, support and balance in every area of life, and it is a harness of integrity and proven throughout history.

It is faith in God.

1 Thessalonians 5:24 reminds us, “He who calls you is faithful, who will also do it.”

That’s the harness offered to all, we just need to rest in the integrity, and how He has proven throughout history to be safe.

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So the speaking engagement is done, I had memorized eighteen of twenty-four verses of Psalm 139, and not one rotten tomato was thrown … I would say it was a success.

After it was over, it was …




good to get home on Saturday and have the time to write again! I thought I would go crazy for the past two weeks when I simply utilized guest posts and re-posts for this blog.

As I was preparing last week, I happened to hear someone on the radio talk about character, and who we really are … when no one is looking or listening.


In the midst of my preparations the one thing that kept coming back to me was not how well I prepared for that speaking engagement. What matters is how I live when no one is looking. God will speak through my brokenness but how well do I speak through it?

I found it hard to pay attention to the trivia of my preparations, because I was pretty certain that whatever God wanted to be communicated would come through my lips no matter what I did to prepare. But how do I speak through my brokenness? What do I communicate, how do I live when there are no eyes on me?

When there are no eyes on me, except those of my Creator, that is who I really am … from the inside out.

Oh, my daughter went to the store and picked up a great dress for me to wear as I spoke, and she loaned me her denim jacket too. I had showered, done my hair, and make-up. I had prepared fully for what I wanted to say, and had my props. I had even asked my the special people in my life to pray.

But, at the end of the day, God already had all of the details covered.

More than that, He knew the status of my heart … the one place of preparation that mattered the most.

The event was good, and I felt personally good about my part, but what was best about it all was this message that kept me in check … that it is who I am, and what I do, when nobody is looking that is of more value to God than what I say and do in front of a crowd.

“Search me, God, and know my heart;
    test me and know my anxious thoughts.
See if there is any offensive way in me,
    and lead me in the way everlasting.”
Psalm 139:23-24

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The guest post for today came from a story that I read on Facebook. The story touched my heart, encouraged me and reminded me of how sweet, and how rare stories of integrity are in the media of today.

This is the story of a race, where the one who wins does so because another was willing to give up their rightful place, for the success of the one who was coming up short (hum, this might even have a parallel to the redemption of humanity through the Savior … oh, how I love a story where the theme is redemption! But, I digress 😉 ).

IVAN+12_redimensionarMeet, Ivan Fernandex Anaya, a Spanish runner, who might just be the best athlete to encourage your children to follow. I will not give his story away, just click on his name and enjoy a real, authentic feel-good story.

This is also a story of the power of social media over traditional media. Traditional media has done little to share this good news story, and we need to remember, as discerning individuals, that the traditional media has it’s own goals, it’s own worldview, it’s own agenda. Thankfully, through social media, we, the people, have the opportunity to share the stories that we believe need to be shared. I think this is a good reminder that not all that is new is bad.

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