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One of our daughters spent many hours working at swimming pools. Phrases like extend your reach, keep your head above water and throw a lifeline were commonly heard in that water world.

Lately, I have been reminded of lifeguard strength, mentality and the necessity for everyone to have a lifeguard-type person in our lives. As a matter of fact, I think we are all lifeguards.

To throw a lifeline (according to freedictionary.com) is :

“to give someone help 
or a means of dealing with 

a problematic or dangerous situation, 
especially if they are desperate 
or are unlikely to succeed on their own”

Who doesn’t need a lifeline at different times in their lives?

Maybe it is a phone call, assistance with a task, a card, or flowers brought to your door. Maybe it is childcare, or a visit, or a meal delivered. Perhaps it is just (as if just is appropriate when one is in need) a kind word.

Such expressions of help are like lifelines to safety and security. They can be just the best examples of us as the very hands and feet of God.


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wildwood lifeguard

“a dream is a wish, your heart makes”

From the time we moved into the house across from the public swimming pool, she dreamed of being a lifeguard.

She did every expected level of swim lessons, with the determination and focus of a med student.

She observed the lifeguards every summer day she went to public swim (often, twice a day).

She never ran on deck.

Always put water on the back of her neck before entering the water.

Never pushed or roughhoused with other swimmers.

Never dove from the side of the pool.

She has always taken water safety very seriously.

She swam competitively on regional and varsity teams.

She has taken all of the courses, and ended up abandoning her dream … sort of.

At fourteen she got a job as an assistant swim coach.

Since sixteen, she has coached swimmers in a swim club.

For the past three years she taught swim lessons in our own, and the private pools of others.

She has never actually worked (other than privately or in a volunteer capacity at a camp for families with Cancer) as a lifeguard.


Sometimes our dreams take U-turns!

Sometimes our dreams end up deep in the sea of our memories.

Sometimes our dreams have dipped beyond the horizon.

Sometimes …

our dreams get replaced with new realities.

If anyone were to have told our five-year old daughter that she would never work as a lifeguard, she would have been



Now, looking back at how her dream morphed into something different, she does not look at this change as being a bad thing, but simply a different dream, a new dream.

From the unfulfilled dream, comes a new reality … the new reality a new and living dream.

New has emerged, as the old has passed away.

From the dry ground of

disappointment, hurt, and nightmares,


rebirth, hope, and brand new dreams.

When we face the loss of dreams, may we not lower our heads, and eyes in sorrow

but raise our eyes to ask the lifeguard of eternity

what hardened seeds will you plant in this garden?

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