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Twenty one years ago I was only nine years older than you are now, when I pushed, you emerged, took your first breath and wailed.

Where did those twenty-one years go?

All parents ask the question, but the reality is, we know where they went.

They went through all hours of the night for the first weeks. The most precious middle of the night wake ups are when a woman knows it’s the last.

The years were used up living in the imaginary world of Thomas the Tank Engine as well as collecting, building, tearing apart and building with Lego.

They were spent in the pool wearing your ‘pissers’, kicking the can with the neighbor kids, trying to catch the dog as she raced through the field behind our house.

They were passed quickly on the football field, the stage and playing video games late into the night with your fellow gamers, at youth group events and at friend’s houses.

Days, no weeks were spent travelling all the way to Florida … and back, ingesting a daily diet of hot dogs.

Sweet times of ‘snugs ‘n nugs’ with the girls. Giants games or Subway (“eat flesh”) with your dad. Sushi dates with me.

So many shared movies from Marvel to DC to Harry Potter, Star Wars and The Rings.

Drives to camp and back … so many drives down that highway.

Travels to Cannon Beach, Mexico, ALL of the south states, the East Coast, Ontario, New Zealand, Thailand.

Where did those twenty-one years go?

Time flies, my son. In a blink you grew from a newborn to starting kindergarten, to high school graduation, to flying off down under, to right now … where you stand at the cusp of another stage.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us”


This precious gift of life is filled with an unknown amount of time that we can never recapture. Once it is lived it is in the past … gone.

Colossians 4:5b tells us to “redeem the time” or make the most of your time. See the value of not just your years, but the days, even the minutes. Consider how you will spend your time … for it flies ever so quickly.

Happy 21 … may the next twenty-one be as memory-filled.


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Emily Dickinson said, “forever is composed of nows.”


As an experienced procrastinator, such words sit heavily on my conscience.

I wanted to set a new goal for this new school year (which always seem more like the start of the year than January, for me). It came to mind, quickly, that I needed to have a goal of daily accomplishments … little bites of things to be done, rather than waiting for the next weekend, the next holiday.

So that is what I have been attempting to do.

One day it was cleaning the bathroom, another it was dusting the furniture (you know, one of those jobs you do when you can write on the furniture, with your finger, and it stays there like a not-so-secret message), another it was cleaning my bed table (you would have to see it to understand what a job that was), another was waxing chairs I had painted (two chairs each day).

These were all little jobs that, having been left to a weekend, would have seemed to have stolen the concept of day off or sabbath.

The words of Emily Dickinson take us beyond my simple goal of getting things done, now.

Her timeless words remind us of the words in Ephesians 5:16, “redeem the time, because the days are evil.”

There is so much in our days that take us away from the things that actually redeem or best use our time. Things like prayer, worshipping our God and Creator, spending time in God’s word.

But there are also ways to intermingle our one-to-one relationship with God with our days full of work, and chores, and maintaining life. When we take care of God’s creation, when we love our neighbour (or family, or co-worker), when we do our jobs to the best of our abilities, when we clean our toilets with thanksgiving we are walking on holy ground, experiencing and expressing worship to our God. We are redeeming the time … making the best use of our time.

We still need to pray and read God’s word, for that is for our own, personal growth and development with Christ, but we also need to take what we learn and spread it around in our daily lives.

And now is the time!


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Redeem the Time


Today is that day that ends my Christmas break. What a fine break it has been.

It was two weeks filled with the celebration of Christ’s birth, times with our family of five, and with friends, (too much) delicious food, books, a miniseries, and SNOW (the best Christmas gift!).

And now that break from the everyday has come to it’s natural end, and I feel it cannot possibly be finished!

Ephesians 5:16a reminds us to “redeem the time” (not intended as permission to drive, as some might think …). It is a reminder that we have only right now, and to use that time for love, to be light, and to be wise with how we spend this vital resource.

May we all, as we begin this new year, redeem the time.

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