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It all started with a desire to purge my house of ‘stuff’ we no longer use … and now it is an addiction.

We had this delightful dining table and four chairs. About twenty two years ago I had purchased it at a yard sale for $80. Although I loved it, it got rep20130617-215359.jpglaced, moved to our suite, painted four times, reupholstered twice, then moved to our living room for games and puzzles. I realized we simply were not using it, so off it went (within a day of being posted on Craigslist) to a new home … and I was $80 richer.

Then there were the two chairs that I had bought for $12, to go with that dining table. They were not a perfect match, but with matching paint and upholstery fabric they worked. The same person paid $10 more to take them too.

20130617-214319.jpgThen I sold our ten-year old sectional sofa. I loved its look, but the micro-fibre fabric was wearing very thin in many places, and looking so very ratty! So to Mr. Craigslist I returned, and in days it was gone and I had $100 in my pocket.

On the same weekend that the above items were sold I made a couple of great purchases via Mr. Craig; a leather sofa for $60 and a 7-foot Ikea desk for $60.

Now I am hooked!20130618-214516.jpg

To have gotten rid of the things we no longer wanted, and made money to purchase what we did want has motivated me to keep going (aka. the first part of this summer will be spent purging our household of what we do not need).

Not only do these purchases allow me to purchase desired or needed items at great prices, but the ‘income’ from the sales of our ‘unneeded’ items goes into my ‘summer renovation/home improvement’ savings.

This summer, with my renovation fund, I am hoping to replace flooring in a bedroom of one of our daughters, and redecorate it with board and batten, and a fresh coat of paint.

Actually I would love to replace the flooring in three bedrooms this summer … but Mr. Craig has not been that successful for me … yet!

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