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A couple of weeks ago I published a post called Selfies, about the cultural fascination with taking selfies, also known as self-shot photos, usually for the purpose of posting on social network sites.

This post received numerous comments, and discussion.

I became aware, this past weekend, that the NBC Today show focused on selfies just last week, in regards to how we see ourselves.

The link from one particular program episode is below, and on this episode each of the Today hosts appears without any television makeup. Each one talks about the ‘flaws’ they see when they look in the mirror. They also talk about what they like about their bodies.

Some quotes from the video that are good to consider, as we each look into our mirror, or take a selfie :

  • beauty is inside out
  • grandmother’s hands
  • focus on the beauty in other people
  • when I think of beauty I think of my wife
  • we are what we are inside
  • beauty is when you give off joy
  • beauty is behind the eyes, something exuded from the heart and the soul
  • (with our daughters) we do not talk about looks

I think it is a good and healthy thing to ensure that we have balance (my own focus word for 2014) in every area of our lives (spoken as one pursuing it, not as one who has achieved it). My challenge to you is to take a look in the mirror, and name one thing you really like about your physical image.

Then, make sure that you tell someone who is in the midst of forming their own definition of who they are (a daughter, a niece, an adolescent or teen you know). They hear, far too often, as we self-criticize, lets model appreciation for what is good!


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They are done alone.

They are done seriously. hilariously.

They are done in the car. the bedroom. the bathroom mirror.

They are


A new generation of photographers has been filling up the photo albums (though, do any of these photos make it beyond the smart phone?), and their photos are of … themselves.

There is the self-selfie, and then there is the duo-selfie, and then there is the group selfie.

There is the middle school selfie … approximately two thousand snaps are taken to get the one that makes the photographer content to allow his or her world see on Facebook, snapchat, instagram, etc.

There is the high school selfie … approximately two dozen snaps are taken (and all are saved) to achieve the most number of chins before posting on various social media sites.

There is the post high school selfie … about ten shots are taken of their coffee shop edibles, all are posted and shared, with the caption “study break.”

Finally there are the middle age selfies … taken fresh from the hair salon, in a vehicle, and posted by their teen when they get home because the “couldn’t get the stupid app to work.”

We work so hard to portray ourselves in the exact way that we see ourselves. We work so hard to be seen by others in a manner that makes us look as we see best.


But what we show and post, what even we ourselves see of our image is not our true image. Our heavenly Father sees us on a deeper level.

He sees us, not as we show to others on social media, not as the image we see in our bathroom mirror. He looks at us, with our pimples and wrinkles, and sees us as the reflection of His image.

We are His image bearers. Image bearers of His Spirit.

And he is pleased.

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