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After a week of feeling … blah,

7b32b5a57880df49cb6ca71783fc3d00I had to give in, and admit it,

I was sick.

You know that feeling …

  • muscle aches
  • feeling like it is nap time all day long
  • warm drinks being the most satisfying
  • head feeling like it just might explode


there was so much to do!

and I had made it almost to the end of the week!

All week I had been pushing through because to call in sick is to throw the ‘norm’ to the wind for the students I work with, and norm is what they need most. Now, don’t go thinking I am so very altruistic … after all, I am writing about taking a sick day!

So, there I was, Friday morning, and my get up and go was no where to be found. So, I did what needed to be done, made notes for whoever was to fill in for me, and called my supervisor to let her know that I would be a no show.

Then to sleep I returned (after awaking hubby … I am, after all, his alarm clock … or clanging gong).

Sleep in the day has far more healing power than any over the counter cold remedy. It is as though it is the cure for the common cold. Perhaps because it is a deprivation of rest that makes us most vulnerable to falling flat in the first place.

When I emerged, mid morning, from my restful slumber, I encountered what can only be described as utopia.


Not a sound, but the soft snoring of my middle-aged beast who was sprawled out at my bedroom door.

In a house of six people, three teens, one young adult, a hubby and myself silence is a rare thing. There is always music, pots clanging, showers running and shouts from room to room (or floor level to floor level).

This particular sick day, I got to experience the beauty of silence being golden.

It stopped me in my tracks.

It removed muscle tension better than any massage therapist named Helga.

It cleared my muddied brain faster than a morning cup of brew.

It gave me what I needed most …

to be

s  t  i  l  l

No noise, no movement, no pulling away from my center … but to be emptied of all that competes for my attention, and to be filled to over-flowing with the peace of just God.

It only lasted a few minutes before my background-noise-loving hubby returned to work in his home office,

but, those moments were worth the sick day

those moments were

g  o  l  d  e  n

“The world has changed enormously since I first gave the command to be still and know that I am God. However, this timeless truth is essential for the well-being of your soul. As dew refreshes grass and flowers during the stillness of the night, so My Presence revitalizes you as you sit quietly with Me.” -Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

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You can’t teach an old dog a new trick, or so the saying goes.

I like to talk. This goes back as far as my school years, when my parents would go to the dreaded parent teacher conferences, and the one thing that all of my teachers said of me was, “she really likes to talk” (hey, at least I was consistent).

I love to chat it up with cashiers, moms with little kids, and elderly ladies. Oh, elderly ladies are the best! They are funny, full of information, and (big bonus) they say stuff to you like, “when I was young like you,” or “you are still so young,” or “my what beautiful skin you have.”

I have no problems with communicating via email or text (but I do hate the telephone). When there is something that I need to communicate with hubby, the kids, a friend, family, or a co-worker I want to be across from them and feel the conversation, so that I hear not just their words, but what their eyes are communicating too.

All of that communicating is great, but I have been learning something about myself, and my communication habits over the past couple of years. I have learned that when I am speaking to someone who does not leave me feeling listened to I keep quiet, I stop talking.

Perhaps this started as a means of avoidance. Perhaps it was a wordless way of communicating. Perhaps it was a means of keeping the peace.

If it started as avoidance or wordless communication, then what I am really trying to avoid is conflict, because I am feeling powerless in a particular relationship.

If this started as a means of keeping the peace, it is a farce! If that ‘other’ person(s) could only hear what is going on in my mind while I am feeling ignored and not listened to!

Keeping quiet, however that started, can forfeit ones ability to express an opinion. Eventually, one might begin to believe that their thoughts are not important, so why bother trying?

Why or how this began, I do not know. What I do know, though, is that it is time for me to grow out of this stage I am stuck in.

This ‘old dog’ may not be so good at tricks, but I am determined to learn a new skill, by undoing a bad habit … I sure hope the treats are chocolate!

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