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The last few days were warm summer days without the delight of a bright blue sky, as the sky was filled with smoke from forest fires in our province.

It has been as though there were a thin veil between we on this Earthen sod, and the beautiful blue sky above. I long for that blue summer sky.

Though we cannot see it today, we know the endless sky and sun are there, and, as a gentle reminder of their presence, the heat of the sun still comes through to warm the land and our skin. It is still there, it is just hidden behind a thin veil of smoke.

Yesterday, I caught myself turning my head up to the sky, looking, searching for blue in the vast sea of grey and haze. Yet, there was no blue to be seen. I know it is there, yet this smokey haze is hiding it from view.

I was reminded of this verse, from 2 Corinthians 3:16:

“But whenever anyone turns to the Lord,
the veil is taken away.”

Such confident words.

as in any time, no conditions attached.

as in, if you’ve got a heartbeat, no exemptions.

as in, you have to do something, inactivity won’t cut it.

to the Lord
as in, He is the only way, no other.

as in, it happens now, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but right now.

It is that easy. Unlike the smokey haze coming between me and that beautiful sky, which I have no ability to move from view, with the God of Creation, all we need to do is turn to Him, and the veil is taken away, gone … forever.

Our souls long for that view.


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