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I LOVE snow!

My greatest memories of childhood, on the East Coast of Canada, include cold winter days, with snow just to the bottom of the street stop signs, and the sun shining brightly.

1899444_10152239354045789_1011036403_oIt is a rare thing to have such a day on the West Coast, so when they come, one needs to fully appreciate every second that they exist.

There is no putting off until tomorrow that tobogganing, making snow angels, having a snowball fight, making candy in the snow or simply walking in a winter wonderland. It has to be done in the moment.

Awakening earlier this week to this beautiful vision of wonder I knew that I had to live in the moment, and take pictures so that I would have a record, a memory, that I got to enjoy such beauty, in this place.

You see I knew a reality that I never experienced in my bright and sunny East Coast winter paradise … it would start melting as soon as the sun was high in the brilliant blue sky, and this magical vision of beauty would be gone.


I felt a bit like Cinderella, running from front to the back of our house, phone in hand, snapping pictures, as the seconds on the clock ticked ever closer to twelve.

Although the significant snowfall did not score a snow day of no school, it re-energized and revived my soul as not much else could, and I was content to bundle up and head to a day of work with the rays of sun shining through every window, enriching my natural Vitamin D deficient body and mind.

Of course, there is still snow in the forecast next week, so there is yet another opportunity for that oft dreamed of, prayed for, and anticipated call of “school is canceled” … just sayin’.


Did I mention that another of my fondest childhood memories was hoping for snow to be canceled because of snow?  😉

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