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Here we are, Day 1 of the Weight Loss DiaBLOG.

… anyone have some dark chocolate?

Today is not really Day 1, Friday was, but I need to experience it before I write about it, so, here we are at Day 1 +3.

Friday dawned, and I experienced the most dreadful act on Fear Factor, The Diet Episode, I dragged my sorry butt to the scales. What a horrible way to start a day! Rather sadomasochistic if you ask me!

I debated telling you my start weight, but, I know some of you, and the humiliation of having you look at me and guess is bad enough. Once I have lost a few pounds and become more comfortable in my stretched, but shrinking, skin, I will tell you where I started. Suffice it to say, all that had been lost, last year, has been found. And that is a heck of alot of sticks of butter  😦 .

So, here is my plan, so far:

* get weighed every Friday, and only on Friday
(I tend to be addicted to the scales, when trying to lose weight, and I need to work on my obsessive compulsiveness)

* use”My Fitness Pal” app on my phone (or website My Fitness Pal)
(this is NOT an advertisement for the app. I have used it before, and it is an easy way for me to know, not just the calories, but also the nutritional values of the foods I eat. When I use it, I find I will look at the minuscule package of ‘healthy’ cookies for 100 calories, and a large fresh apple for the same, and when I see the nutritional values of each, I make better choices for the health of my body, and not just counting calories).

* walking
(still three bigger (one hour or more) walks each week, preferably on my favorite trail, but added to that, one twenty minute walk each day. The beast is starting to show signs of middle age spread … just don’t tell her I told you, and she could use this too)

* abdominal exercise
(I am still not sure what shape these exercises will eventually take, but my bowl full of jelly must be reigned in. I am starting with twenty-five crunches a morning … before coffee … I need to have incentive)

* accountability
(I am planning one letting it all hang out with you, the reader … heck, I’ve been letting it all hang out visually for all around me for years.)

I am hoping you will interact with me. Tell me about your struggle, your successes, your frustrations. Tell me what works for you, what gets you through the times when the torture device is not moving, or moving in an upwardly direction (I know I will get all sorts of lotions, potions, pills and treatments spam now).

I really want to walk this uphill road with others … I’m gonna need someone to push me to the top!

So, here we go.

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