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got_pms_ad_2-400x586When I am having ‘one of those days’ almost no one in my path is safe!

Hubby is likely to get his head bitten off like a gingerbread man at Christmas. The kids are likely to be forced to clean something or do homework (whether they have homework or not is of no consequence). Really, only the beast is safe … and that is because she (wisely) never talks back, and she adores me no matter what kind of day I am having. And I am likely to put myself to bed early … in hopes that I will awaken freed of this syndrome … the itchy-B syndrome!

Now you are smart enough to read between the lines (or re-organize the letters of itchy-B) to know what I am really saying!

These days happen to us all (men included … just sayin’).got_pms_ad_3-400x586

The days when the planets are all aligned, the moon at it’s fullest, the tide is in, and we awaken with feelings similar to those of a rabid animal, a psychotic killer or a woman with PMS and no chocolate in the house (this could be the main trigger to itchy-B syndrome).

PMS, now we are getting to the heart of itchy-B syndrome!

It is as though our inner evil twin emerges with the vengeance of a genie who has been cooped up in his bottle for hundreds of years! And if you think that experiencing itchy-B syndrome vicariously through your wife, friend, mother, sister, co-worker, etc. is bad, try being the one with the syndrome!

To experience it yourself is like having an out of body experience, where your mind and body have been taken got_pms_ad_4-400x586over by some unseen, but very real force. Kind of like invasion of the body snatchers, but the mind is included as well.

The worst thing is that you are completely aware of all that you are saying and doing, but your brain is operating as though it is no longer operated by yourself.

It is as though your mind and body were being controlled by some sort of remote control apparatus …

as though your words and actions are in the control and hands of another person …

as though …

someone you live with were forcing you to say and act the way you are …

as though …

Heck, it IS our husbands fault!

Like we didn’t know that in the first place!


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