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One of the things I love about summer break is that I do not need to ‘prepare’ anything the night before the next day.

I do not have to choose and lay out what I am planning to wear.

I do not have to ensure that there are clean socks and underwear.

I do not have to make my lunch.

I do not have to set the alarm at my bed.

I do not have to prepare the coffee and program it to come on the next morning.


What I have learned this summer, though, is that one of those ‘night before’ preparations are imperative … no matter what is happening the following day.

You see, trying to make coffee in the morning (even for a self-confessed morning person, such as myself) before having had a cup of coffee is … near impossible!

I stumble into the kitchen saying over and over:
“I need coffee”
“The coffee will soon be ready”
“Just a few more minutes””It’s not that difficult a task”

“I think I can, I think I can …”

Then I talk to myself, replaying in my mind the process needed to achieve that most desired brew. I open the wrong canister in search of the beans. I lose count of scoops, have to dump them back into their container, and recommence my numbering. I bang my shin into the dishwasher, left opened the night before to allow the dishes to fully dry. I trip, beans flying across the floor, the cupboards, under the appliances. Finally, after re-counting beans, they are safely into their compartment, ready to be ground into a fine powder.

Then there is the water. The entire time I am running water into the glass carafe, I am saying over and over to myself just how many cups I am to brew. Then I pray, over and over, that I do not drop or slam the pot into anything that might cause it to smash into a billion pieces. All that is needed now is to push the ‘on’ button (unless I press the only other button on the machine first).

Then, the waiting!

There is something worse than making coffee in the morning, before having had a cup of coffee. It is having to drive somewhere to get coffee before having had that first cup of coffee!

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