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MY body

MY choices

MY time

MY life

my. my. my. my.

Is our life only about doing and achieving for ourselves?

So, living for our own desires … what does that give us, in the end?

It gives us the consequences … good and bad … of our selfish decisions.

Whether you believe in a

just by chance, explosive sort of beginning to life


an intelligent creator beginning to life

there is one reality …

we humans are, by nature, narcissistic.

Narcissus was a young man (so goes the Greek myth) who looked into a pond, and upon seeing his own reflection, fell in love with himself.

Like Narcissus, we have fallen in love with ourselves. We have mirrors, and selfies to encourage our self-love. But we also have a host of other self-admiring, self-gratifying, selfish ways to self-love.

Around our world, and throughout history, blood has been spilled because one person or group has expressed self-love to the point of hate towards others.

Our Earth groans with the misuse of it’s resources, because selfish convenience is of greater value than protecting our resources for generations to come.

Children are being abused by alcohol and drugs while still in the womb, disposed of as ‘blobs of tissue’, abandoned at birth, or left in the care of others because it’s their ‘right’ to a good life.

Homes have been divided when individuals have seen their needs above those of their families.

The elderly are being left alone because it takes too much of ‘our’ time away from us.

This narcissistic attitude is not new, and Narcissus was not the first of his kind … that honor would go to the pair from the garden.

When Adam and Eve broke God’s one rule in the garden, they had to live with grave consequences, that continue to this day :

  • to live knowing good and evil
  • they were banished from the Garden of Eden
  • the tree of life is guarded from humanity

We are free to choose, but we are not free from the consequences of our choices.





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