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A love story should never be a love triangle.

I never knew, when she and me met, that she would be the third point, creating a love triangle.

I knew her first, and, though it began as a selfless love, it did not take long for my affections for her to come between he and me. He rejected her, despised her, refused the affections she had for he … and he for she.

Despite the fact that she loved he, she seemed to do so many destructive things which only increase the hatred he felt for she.

His rejection of she, I saw as a rejection of me. Thus it was difficult to be we when there was she.

I felt so torn, so disappointed, so hurt. How could he not appreciate she, knowing that, for me, she was so important. 

She felt the rejection of he, yet patiently, never holding a grudge, it was he who she loved most.

What was I to do with she? I could not send she away, as she needed me. I could not send he away, as I was bound to him.

And so, for many years, I walked a thin line, danced a difficult dance, feeling torn between my affections for he and she.

Recently, though, the health of she has been in decline. She struggles to walk, to eat, to sleep through the night. Her youthful beauty has faded into signs of aging in every part of her body.

And now, as she struggles with most functions of living, he has softened towards her.

She has now been invited into places of our home, previously banned. She has even been invited into our bedroom, often sleeping at his side.

He now shows signs of kindness, of affection, as he takes her outside to enjoy the fresh air, as he works in the garden.

And sometimes, he even pets her head, her face, as she looks lovingly up at him.

Now the tension of this love triangle is reduced, and we three can simply care for each other.

This is a love triangle I enjoy.


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