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“One day, she was amazed to discover that when he was saying, “as you wish” what he meant was, “I love you.”

“… and even more amazing was the day she realized, she truly loved him back.”

I love The Princess Bride movie. I have never read the book, but I have viewed the movie record times. It is a story that truly has something for everyone … adventure, drama, violence, comedy and romance … all wrapped up at a SciFi format. I love every element of it! The actors who play each part have become those characters, and the lines get repeated in conversations, and even in wedding ceremonies (such as the “mawwiage” scene).

But it is the line, “as you wish” that holds my attention most, especially today, as hubby and I celebrate our twenty-forth wedding anniversary today.

Marriage, really, is so much like the struggles faced by Wesley and Buttercup.

Sometimes there are sword fights, but the swords are our tongues and the hits are with words … the scars are far slower to heal than any physical blow.

Sometimes there are poisons in our drinks in the forms of what we drink that the world keeps offering, such as dissatisfaction, selfishness, arrogance, and pride.

Sometimes there are giants in our way and they might be in the forms of illness, difficulties with conceiving, job problems, financial problems, and more.

Sometimes we push each other down a steep embankment, or would like to, when it seems that we no longer know that man or woman who we married.

Sometimes we are surrounded by the enemy, and it seems that our enemy is our spouse.

Sometimes we have been tortured by regrets … maybe even the regret of having said, ‘I do’ in the first place. But regrets can come in any form that leads our hearts to dissatisfaction.

Sometimes we are temporarily paralyzed … with fear.

Sometimes there really are ROUS (rodents of unusual size) that attack your loved one, but they might be found in the form of nasty neighbors, beastly bosses, sarcastic soccer moms, malicious church members or repulsive Canadian Revenue workers (or so I’ve heard).

Always, there is an evil king, who is out to destroy you and your love, in the form of Satan who is out to “steal and kill and destroy …” (John 10:10a)

But, like Wesley and Buttercup, we have the foundation of “as you wish” as the pervading theme of our marital lives.

Whenever Buttercup ordered her farm-boy, Wesley to do a task for her, his only response was “as you wish.” He did not whine and complain, he did not state his rights, he did not compare her to other girls … he simply fulfilled her request … selflessly. Eventually the meaning of “as you wish” (I love you) was understood in the heart of Buttercup, and her requests were no longer orders, by favors accompanied by ‘please’ (perhaps her own version of “as you wish”). In time, Wesley’s choice to love Buttercup unconditionally, and selflessly created an intense response of the same from she to him.

In twenty-four years of marriage, I have blown it over and over, and hubby and I have experienced many struggles … some brought on by the enemy, but many brought on by our inability to … serve each other, with anĀ “as you wish” attitude.

To have an “as you wish” attitude is to serve without expectation of reciprocation.

To have an “as you wish” attitude is to never give up when it gets difficult.

To have an “as you wish” attitude is to always think the best of the intentions of our spouse.

To have an “as you wish” attitude is to say I love you in every little thing we do for the other.

After all:

“This is true love … you think this happens everyday?”

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I have this desire that rarely gets fulfilled, but I dream of often. I awaken, later than normal (meaning pretty much any time after seven in the morning), only to the sound of my Beasty scratching under her ears. There is no hubby snoring away beside me, no teenagers needing a drive anywhere, or help to open the pool. I stretch, and sit on the side of my bed to find a note with my name on my bed table. As I reach to enfold it, the following is written:

We have gone out for the day, the whole day.
We will not call, or text or contact you.
Enjoy this gift of a day to enjoy the quiet of our home,
as you wish,
hubby and the kids

And with the reading of the final line, a realization hits me,

I am home alone …


(oh, and did you catch the reference to the Princess Bride? “as you wish” … a little romantic reference always makes me happier).

What happens next is a bit of the Tom Cruise dance from the movie Risky Business, and Kevin from Home Alone eating way too much ice cream.

After the initial euphoria is spent on dancing in my underwear (T. M. I … too much information!) and eating ice cream for breakfast I would spread myself across the sofa and smile my biggest Cheshire Cat smile … and smile a contented sigh.

Hey, it is not that I do not love my family, or that I would wish them away. They are four of the best pieces of my life! It is just that once in a while, the thought of being home alone is simply so very delectable to me. The thought of having every waking hour, all to myself, with no expectations of anyone else, just about makes me want to burst with excitement.

And what would I do with all of those hours alone to myself? Well, after the dancing and eating of ice cream … I would probably write a blog post or two (because I love it) … make my bed (because it is my habit) … clean the bathroom (because it needs to be done) … make cookies (because hubby and the kids would love to come home to them) … finish a project or two (because there is always a project or two that is undone in our home) … and weed the garden (because there is just never any desire to do it when others are home).

Hum, other than the dancing and ice cream eating, it really looks like a pretty normal day … but, I desire it so much!

Hey, a girl can dream, right?!

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