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In recent weeks seismic activity of the west coast of North America has once again been in the news. And, every time this happens I think the same thing, ‘I really need to put together an emergency kit, in case THE BIG ONE hits.’

I’ve only been thinking about this since we moved here to the Pacific Coast … over sixteen years ago! It is just that, well, it is like buying life insurance … it is a good, wise and responsible thing to do, but acknowledging that it is something that I might just need is so very depressing.

I remember my first west coast earthquake. It was in the late 1990’s. It was early morning, hubby was preparing for work, our eldest was watching The Big Comfy Couch on TV, and our youngest was an infant in her bed. When the Earth started to shake I was … in the loo, and my first thoughts were not for the safety of our children, but “God, don’t let this be the Big One, I cannot have my body found here!” Ever since that early morning on the throne, I have been thinking an emergency preparedness kit is in order (I also spend much less time in the loo).

I also remember the first time I had to prepare a small kit for our daughter (and her siblings each year thereafter) for her school classroom. One of the things that needed to be added was a note … a note of encouragement … a ‘what if’ note. That was a most traumatic event as a mother!

So now, sixteen years after moving here, the iron has entered my soul, and I am determined to prepare for, what scientists believe to be, the inevitable.

I have started with purchasing tarps and garbage bags, and emptying the large container that will house our kit. I have also started to research what is recommended to put into such a container, how long to be prepared for, and other preparations that need to be made.

In my research I found an article from Parents Magazine, by Wendy Sue Swanson, M.D., called “Are You Prepared for an Emergency?” which is all about  Emergency Preparedness. It is probably the best article I have read, with both a list of necessary items to pack, details to organize, plus rational for those things.

Check out this article by Dr. Swanson, and re-think emergency preparedness for you and your family.

On the subject of earthquakes, I thought I would share a song that comes to mind whenever I hear of such events đŸ˜‰

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I love words!

There is nothing that makes my heart skip a beat like hearing or reading or singing words that seem to grab my ears and yell “we are for your ears, listen!” If I was listening (who doesn’t hear what is yelled?) I would then spend the next minutes, hours and even days pondering them. Turning them inside out, to see if I am really getting all that they say, because I know they are for me and I don’t want to miss one syllable of their message.

I love it even more when those same loudly proclaimed words take me away to a different place in my mind, to a different place in my soul. Sometimes those words will even force me to make time for them.

This happened one day last year (don’t you love it when only a couple of weeks ago can be referred to as ‘last year’?). As I was singing along in church one Sunday we sang a song, and one line, “forgiven so that I could forgive” yelled at me, and it (and the rest of the song) been yelling almost daily since.

It is a song performed (and written) by the group Delirious. The lyrics could mirror the words of David in his Psalms. They recognize the ranking of the one who has sacrificed as higher than any other (to refer to one as his/her majesty is the highest position possible) on the earth. The lyrics speak of thanks, of grace, of love. It is a song of recognizing the redemption made available, and of receiving it in the humility of one who is redeemed.

For us to understand that we are forgiven is, I believe, a concept not easily or quickly learned. Maybe it is because we struggle to forgive others, and in our own struggle to forgive we do not comprehend the forgiveness that is offered to us? Maybe we can forgive others, but we do not forget the original offense? Maybe we have the order of learning forgiveness wrong?

Perhaps it is in being forgiven that we learn how to forgive. Perhaps we cannot fully forgive another, until we have received (and that offer is always there for us) the forgiveness that is foundational to understanding how to forgive others. And maybe, it is a lesson that we keep learning all of our days.

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I remember hearing the above song about thirteen years ago, in concert, in Vancouver, British Columbia. I had taken our eldest daughter to hear the group Delirious perform.

We enjoyed our evening together with lots of singing, dancing and laughing. The highlight for me was when this song (Lord, You Have My Heart) was performed, and the crowd of attendees out-sang the group, and the group stopped singing, while the stadium packed full of people from all ages completed the song. It was, in all honesty, my most favorite concert moment of all time.

A few years later, that same daughter started at a new school (a Christian school). I remember hearing the elementary aged students singing this song, acapella, transforming their gymnasium into a piece of heaven.

The song has no magical qualities, and it’s greatest strength is it’s simplicity of lyrics and music. It is a song of confession, a song of commitment, a song of love.

Recently I came home from work one Friday. It had been a week of frustration, both at work, and at home. I was frustrated with … stuff! I sequestered myself into my bedroom, so as to not inflict my black mood on all around me. I lay across my bed pondering my week, allowing the numerous frustrations circulate through my thoughts, feeling more tense, more frustrated, by the moment.

Then it hit me, if I did not do something about the condition of my heart, I would spend my weekend poisoned by my own self pity, and, by Monday, my heart would be hardened.

I knew who had to do the surgery, but what was the venue? A walk (in the rain) or music? If you know me well, you know I would never choose placing myself in rain in order to improve my mood, so, music it was. I searched for ‘heart’ music, and there it was … Lord, you have my Heart.

As I lay across my bed, locked in my room, I listened, I sang … I listened again, and I sang again … over and over. I am not sure how long it took, or how many repeats of the song, or how many tears that fell as I submitted my frustrations to the one who wants to take them from me. Finally, the heart surgery was completed, and the prognosis for the weekend was looking much brighter.

Just like being at our daughter’s gymnasium, and just like standing at that stadium concert, I received a piece of heaven, in my heart.

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