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I remember hearing the above song about thirteen years ago, in concert, in Vancouver, British Columbia. I had taken our eldest daughter to hear the group Delirious perform.

We enjoyed our evening together with lots of singing, dancing and laughing. The highlight for me was when this song (Lord, You Have My Heart) was performed, and the crowd of attendees out-sang the group, and the group stopped singing, while the stadium packed full of people from all ages completed the song. It was, in all honesty, my most favorite concert moment of all time.

A few years later, that same daughter started at a new school (a Christian school). I remember hearing the elementary aged students singing this song, acapella, transforming their gymnasium into a piece of heaven.

The song has no magical qualities, and it’s greatest strength is it’s simplicity of lyrics and music. It is a song of confession, a song of commitment, a song of love.

Recently I came home from work one Friday. It had been a week of frustration, both at work, and at home. I was frustrated with … stuff! I sequestered myself into my bedroom, so as to not inflict my black mood on all around me. I lay across my bed pondering my week, allowing the numerous frustrations circulate through my thoughts, feeling more tense, more frustrated, by the moment.

Then it hit me, if I did not do something about the condition of my heart, I would spend my weekend poisoned by my own self pity, and, by Monday, my heart would be hardened.

I knew who had to do the surgery, but what was the venue? A walk (in the rain) or music? If you know me well, you know I would never choose placing myself in rain in order to improve my mood, so, music it was. I searched for ‘heart’ music, and there it was … Lord, you have my Heart.

As I lay across my bed, locked in my room, I listened, I sang … I listened again, and I sang again … over and over. I am not sure how long it took, or how many repeats of the song, or how many tears that fell as I submitted my frustrations to the one who wants to take them from me. Finally, the heart surgery was completed, and the prognosis for the weekend was looking much brighter.

Just like being at our daughter’s gymnasium, and just like standing at that stadium concert, I received a piece of heaven, in my heart.

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