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The middle of January has now come and gone. We are all in the midst of the dark days of winter, hoping and praying that the light of spring might start to be evidenced in lighter mornings and afternoons.

Hoping and praying …

This week, it was the post Hopeful Grief that was the most viewed. Thoughts that started as I read the email of a woman announcing that she had walked her husband home. Home meaning eternity, home meaning … hope.

Also this week :

A New Shower Puff Scrubs Rough
(sometimes we need the old scrubbed away, even if it hurts for awhile)

The Year of the Lords Favor
(looking forward with hope)

(the one word challenge, that it seems so many are doing)

Letting It All Hang Out
(ever want to let your indoor voice outside?)

Here’s a ‘bonus’ on the theme of walking someone home.

Blessings to you this weekend,

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Ever want to just let it all hang out?

You know, just press pause on the ‘indoor’ (unspoken) voice and simply say it all out loud … not giving a rip who hears the trash talk, the emotion, the real you.

A few years ago I wrote about the Evil Thoughts that I have been known to have in all sorts of daily living activities. Lately my evil thoughts are more the verbal sort, the quick wit, the sharp on the draw, the on the ball things that the mature person chooses to keep to herself.

Lately the quick-witted retorts have been getting louder in my head. Sometimes I wonder if, as the hormonal changes of the next number of years to come occur, I’ll completely lose my ability to bite my tongue … or maybe I will have already severed it!2f8d5421e6a398f9a89e079f6944062b

When those thoughts are about to be birthed from my mind to my tongue, it is then that I am ‘mother-slapped’ by that old piece of maternal advise :

if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all

and the words start to (regretfully) delete from my memory. It’s really like the deflation of a balloon … something that could have been so witty, so clever, so … how I was really thinking … got the wind knocked out of it. If only I could freely share my wit with the rest of the world.

And then I think of the word of Abraham Lincoln (below), and I swallow my wit, and smile quietly … most of the time 😉


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