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Tomorrow we celebrate Easter Sunday!

The season of waiting and preparation ends as the sun rises on Easter Sunday, proclaiming the rising of the Son of God, many years ago.

Because of sacrifice of Friday, and the separation of Christ from His heavenly Father, we are READY for Sunday! Not because of anything that we have done, but because of the sacrifice of Christ.

There are still those who have not grasped what Easter is about, why we Christians hold dearly the image of a man on a cross. They have not seen that man from the cross emerge from the tome of their own sins, whole again.

The most viewed post of this week refers to this. In the post, Looking for Cameo Appearances, we are reminded that we are to share the news of Christ’s appearances. Really, we are to share that Christ is everywhere, in everything, and His purpose in life was to give us life that never ends, and, more than that, life today that is with Him.

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Happy Easter!


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Last night my son and I went to see the Marvel superhero movie, Captain America. I was at least as (and maybe more) excited to see it as my son was, and it did not disappoint!

In the midst of watching it, I got elbowed, then hot air blowing in my ear, as my son said excitedly, “that’s Stan Lee.”

To which I replied, “who is Stan Lee?”

I could feel ‘the look’ of disdain being emitted from my sons eyes.

Then I remembered, Stan Lee is, among other things, the creator or co-creator or writer of many Marvel comics. According to Wikipedia, “Lee … led the expansion of Marvel Comics from a small division of a publishing house to a large multimedia corporation.”

From Spider-man, to The Incredible Hulk, to The Avengers, to Thor to Captain America (and more), Lee has appeared in Marvel major motion pictures since about 2000. He has also appeared in comic books, and narrated comic television programs.

Truly, the hunt for this creator makes his creations even more interesting, more personal. He has not only placed his name on what he has created, but he also places himself within it.

The only thing is, unless you are really, really clever at noticing this familiar face in minuscule cameo appearances, or someone else has to tell you about it, as was the case for me.

Outside of Marvel comics, there is a creator of our lives, and he too makes appearances.

When we know of God as our Creator, we look for him in the everyday events of our lives. This seeking leads us to see Him in the highs and lows of life. The knowledge of His hand in our creation, and of His presence in our very beings gives us purpose, security and hope.

The thing is, those of us who know of Him need to share that news of His appearances in life to those who are, as of yet, unaware of His cameos. So that, they too, might know to look for Him.

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