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In our society, kindness is getting good airplay. From Ellen Degeneres’ show benediction of “be kind to one another”, to The Kindness Project, to the hit movie, Wonder, to the #beccatoldmeto campaign, the work of Orly Wahba’s life vest inside movement,  or the resurgence of performing random acts of kindness, to volumes of books and a web full of videos, kindness is in.

What is kindness and what is the opposite of kindness?

Those were the two questions I asked on my FaceBook account, a few weeks ago.

Over fifty-five people responded, mostly females, varying in ages from four to … retired (I wouldn’t want to be unkind in my estimates). Those who responded live in North America, mostly in Canada.

The other day, I posted the results of the question,

why be kind?

The responses were great to read, and I loved that, in a few cases, a conversation between two or more strangers would break out (I guess you could say kindness broke out). Some said that to show kindness was innate, others firmly felt that to be kind was a conscious choice.

Many shared that it was anything but altruistic, as it “feeds their soul”, “makes one feel better about oneself”, “elicits kindness in return”.

A great many people referred directly or indirectly to the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12) of:

“do to others what you would want them to do for you” 

Some said that we should be kind because it is how we want to be treated, some saying that if we are kind to others, kindness would come back us.

Others felt that to be kind is the right thing to do and it could change the world.

Still others responded that, as Christians, kindness has been offered and modelled by Christ, therefore it is expected of us.

A few mentioned the difficulty of knowing how to give and receive kindness, the struggle of giving from a place of brokenness, emptiness. Whereas another said, “kill them with kindness, it can defuse tension and transform relationships”

There were great quotes (mostly by Mother Teresa) and, from a ten year old, “well, if we weren’t kind, everyone would punch each other and hate each other and the world would go downhill.” Amen!

One person sent me a link to an article on five researched-based reasons to be kind, including:

  • it is inbuilt (there can be innate tendencies)
  • it can have positive effects on the brain (drug-free mood-enhancing effects)
  • can help you live longer (but only the one performing the act of kindness, not the one receiving it’s benefits)
  • is contagious (if you are kind, and they are kind …)
  • it can make you happier (for up to a month after committing the kindness)

As I read and reflected on the results of the question, why be kind?, I found myself reflecting on one particular response …

“why not be kind?”

Our lives are complex, demanding and sometimes downright difficult. There are so many different directions that we are pulled, so much expectation on us each day. Then there is the news … that daily onslaught of what is wrong in our world.

If each of us were to make the effort each day to show kindness to another, truly it would be doing for others as we would like to be done to ourselves. Truly it could improve the day for another sojourner on this planet … and it would probably improve our own day as well.

“why not be kind?”

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Doesn’t the calendar turning to June just make you love summer?!

My, how many commented about the most viewed post of the week! Check out Innie or Outie and, then answer the question, are you an introvert or extrovert?

Also this week were :

Eruptions from Within
(can you keep the truth hidden in your heart?)

More Than Just Survive
(we were made to thrive)

Graduating from the Nest
(what is most important, the mind or your soul of the graduate?)

Renovations of Summer Past Part 3
(the suite bathroom reno)

Blessings to you this day,

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Wow! The month of May is almost done!

The gift of summer is just around the corner!

And speaking of gifts, the most viewed post of this week was Diamonds or Days Together.

Also this week were :

(spring reminds us of freedom, but do we get it?)

Joy When Life Doesn’t Make Sense
(can we have joy even when life is unfair?)

A Different Learning Environment
(how a field-trip made a learner of me)

Renovations of Summer Past-Part 2
(my pièce de résistance of this renovation)

Blessings on you this day,

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It is the middle of May, and the Victoria Day long weekend where I live. Summer is truly just around the corner!

With all that in mind, it was not surprising to me that the most viewed post this week is called If You Could Vacation Anywhere. Our thoughts are on that most delightful change from the everyday, opportunities to do different things, times with family and friends without the hindrances of alarms going off in the mornings.

Also this week were :

Moms Your Job Is
(reflections on the movie “Mom’s Night Out”)

The Load
(we all have a load we carry, and we all have choices about what to do with it)

Insanity for the Sake of Sanity
(choosing the difficult to make room for that which gives life)

Being Held by I Am
(a new worship song I am singing … but only in big crowds)

Blessings to you this day,

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The month of May is upon us already!

That means that next month is the end of the school year and the start of summer!

But, being May also means that tomorrow is Mother’s Day (consider this your warning).

Mother’s Day is not just about mothers, though I can think of almost three hundred mothers who yearn to hold their daughters right now! It is the disappearance of those girls from Nigeria that had your reading attention on my blog this week, in the post, What if She was Your Daughter.

Also this week were:

Unloved Nobodies to Beloved Somebodies
(once outsiders, now insiders, just claim the prize)

The Good Things About Getting Older
(getting older can’t be all bad)

Renovations of Summer Last Part 1
(a basement bedroom renovation, part 1)

(we awaken and just cannot ‘do’ another day.

Blessings to you this day,

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As the daylight hours increase it seems as though energies also increase.

The bluer skies, the brighter sun, the warmth from the Earth, and the blossoming and flowering on the ground and in the trees does such good things for our mood.

Spring is the season of being Recharged , refreshed and renewed. It is the post, Recharged, that was the most viewed post of this past week.

Also this week were :

Where do we Begin

How to Parent

Can You Handle the Mess

Family is a Microcosm of Society

Blessings to you this day,


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Tomorrow we celebrate Easter Sunday!

The season of waiting and preparation ends as the sun rises on Easter Sunday, proclaiming the rising of the Son of God, many years ago.

Because of sacrifice of Friday, and the separation of Christ from His heavenly Father, we are READY for Sunday! Not because of anything that we have done, but because of the sacrifice of Christ.

There are still those who have not grasped what Easter is about, why we Christians hold dearly the image of a man on a cross. They have not seen that man from the cross emerge from the tome of their own sins, whole again.

The most viewed post of this week refers to this. In the post, Looking for Cameo Appearances, we are reminded that we are to share the news of Christ’s appearances. Really, we are to share that Christ is everywhere, in everything, and His purpose in life was to give us life that never ends, and, more than that, life today that is with Him.

Also this week :

A Good Good Friday

Mary’s Story of Pain

The Sixth and Final Week of Lent

Prayers Offered in Faith

Happy Easter!


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I am so thankful for spring, with the dawn chorus of birds every morning I open the door for the dog, the colors of flowers blooming in the garden and on the trees, the bright sunshine, the warmer and longer days.

Thanks is something that we need to practice every day of our lives, to be able to live fully!

Sometimes, though, there are times When Thanks Seems Inadequate, and that was the most viewed post of this week.

Also this week :

How to Change Other Peoples Kids
(a beautiful lesson I learned)

Week Five of Lent
(how does Christ deal with evil people?)

Parenting from the Wings
(what I learned about parenting from the theater)

Want to Giggle in Wonder
(a little awe and wonder to make us smile)

Blessings to you this day,

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Wow! It is April already!

As I scour my FaceBook this past week I had ‘friends’ talking about sunburns, snowstorms, and spring flowers … depending on where they live.

And that is spring. So many different versions of spring, for so many different locales.

The one thing that spring seems to provide is hope. Hope of the summer to come, complete with longer days, warmer nights and changes in schedules. It also heralds the hope that Easter brings … the hope that Christ was born, and died for. And that’s what the second most viewed post, Week Four of Lent is all about … hope!

But the most viewed post of this week was about my daughter’s birthday, called How This Birthday Fits.

Also this week were :

Water Walkers
(what can be done when our eyes are focused on the source of miracles)

(consequences follow our decisions)

Alone Together
(looking ahead at the empty nest)

Blessings to you this day,


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It’s coming to an end …

Spring Break 2014 is just hours away from ending, and Monday morning we re-unite with our schools, our workplaces and the ‘regular’ schedule.

But, don’t let your heart grow weary … there are only about twelve weeks until Summer Break (not that I’m counting 😉 )!

It is now also about halfway through the season of Lent. We are halfway in our own giving up of something to share in His suffering. We are halfway to understanding the loving sacrifice made for all of humanity.

The most viewed post of this week was one of my weekly reflections on the subject of Lent. In  Week Three of Lent, we are reminded of a young men, pedestals, hunger and the difference that the Word can make.

Also this week were :

Gods Not Dead
(the movie, and the freedom to choose)

My Lighthouse
(a new song to tap your foot to)

Blessing of Boredom
(a little downtime and how it fed my momma soul)

Words of Love
(words that say love)

Blessings to you this day,

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