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God knows what He is doing, both now and always.

For instance, He knew what He was doing when Mary was chosen to be the mother of the Christ child … and not me.

Mary was “highly favored” (Luke 1:28), I on the other hand am … extra human in regards to my use of phrase like, “that’s not fair.”

If I were to have walked in the shoes of Mary, and been visited by an angel (that is big enough as it is) who told me that I, a virgin, was to be inseminated by the Holy Spirit and give birth to the Son of God (and not even have the honor of choosing the name of my firstborn) I would not have replied, “I am the Lord’s servant, may your word to me be fulfilled” (Luke 1:38).

Then off she goes to visit her cousin Elizabeth … if it were me, my intent would have been to flee the realities that were going on, and to bury my head in the sand, as the great ostriches do to avoid their problems. But no, there is no avoiding reality from her first words, when Elizabeth’s pre-born boy decides to do cartwheels at the sound of her voice.

And the unfair things did not stop there! After Joseph got his angelic visit, and he hoped on board, they had to head travel to be counted in the census that Caesar decided was necessary. So off the pair trod, Mary VERY pregnant, and the two undoubtedly still confused.

Then, upon arrival at their destination of Bethlehem, there is not a room left for them to find refuge, and for their baby to be born.

At this point I would have been looking up at those shiny stars and saying, “really God? Really? This IS YOUR son, could we at least have a place to bring Him into this world?”

God knew what He is doing, then and now. He does not ask any more of us than we can handle, and being the mother to the Christ child would definitely be more than I could handle.

I remember being a young teenager and saying to my God-loving grandmother, that ‘other’ denomination puts too much emphasis on Mary (parroting words I had heard, rather than what my own heart and brain deemed to be true). My grandmother, uncharacteristically firm and pointed in her reply to her only granddaughter said, “and we do not emphasize her value enough! If God chose her to give birth and raise His Son, she must have been a very special young woman.”

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Here I am, at 9:35am, in the Abbotsford airport … where you can see the entire airport from end to end, once you walk through the main doors! I just watched two massive airplanes (fighter jets?), who had been here to entertain the crowds at the annual air show, take off … I hope my hearing returns soon!

The day is bright, but there are lots of clouds in the sky. My hubby and son dropped me off … I think both were mystified as to why I was so eager to get here … only to have to wait for my flight. After all, my flight is scheduled to leave at 10:35, and boarding isn’t until 10:05. What they didn’t realize is that the earlier I was to get here, the longer I had to myself … 😉

I am so looking forward to the day!

My first flight was short. Only about an hour to Edmonton … just enough time to get committed to my novel. The flight did have enough turbulence to make me flashback to 911 (how imprinted our brains are to the memories of the tragedy. For that matter, can any of us board a plane, without thinking of that day, almost s ago?).

As we touched down in Edmonton, I knew I had about twenty-five minutes to un-board, pee, grab a snack/coffee, and board my next flight … but the travel gods were not working on my side.

Apparently Canada’s longest flying company parked their plane where MINE had a reserved sign … lets just say I un-boarded, was the last to board my next flight, managed to get into the airplane’s outhouse (before a flight attendant could tell me that it was too late) and sat in my seat, catching my breath from the speed walking.

And now onto the longest part of my journey … Edmonton to Toronto. But I am still on my own 🙂 …

with no disturbances … except  for the annoying lady behind my seat. She is some kind of a ‘self-absorbed, life coach-type who has a guru, and can take a fortune 500 company to the next level (is there a next level?). And she does this by using techniques (self actualization) that have NEVER been used by any other group of ‘people educators’ before … GAG. And she is talking spirituality … in that marketing sort of way … Jesus take me now! I wish that either the guy listening to her, or she would lapse into a temporary comma … just until we land! But, I digress …

and no distractions … except for the guy across the aisle, playing ‘Angry Birds’ on his iPad (green with envy … I bet that battery would outlast the one in my laptop). I would love to give him advice on his tactics … I know my Angry Birds, and this guy is an amateur. Oh, how my son and I could whop his butt!

Finally in Toronto, on time and unscathed (except for my ears from that lady). I found a restaurant that wasn’t fast food … sadly I had Mr. Lamo server … you know, everyone around you came in after you, ordered after you and they get their food BEFORE you? Thankfully the ‘other’ server brought out my meal or else I might have missed my next plane, waiting.

Anyway, boarded the final plane … so close …

An hour and a half’ish later I landed in Moncton, New Brunswick (or, as I texted hubby and the kids ‘the eagle has landed’). I was greeted by my mom (pronounced mum), dad, brother his wife and a niece … sweet! 

Then home to homemade biscuits (clothes are getting tighter already).

Ah, and now I look forward to crashing in bed.

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