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This past weekend, with hubby out of town and my son at camp, I got to spend more time with my daughters.

I just love my daughters!

They give me flashbacks to my own growing up from adolescent changes, to emotional outbursts, to struggles with appearance, to the joys of learning and doing new things.

For whatever reason I never expected that we would have daughters, so to have started our family with two daughters was a delightful surprise for this mom.

Although I loved them from the moment I first knew they were growing and developing in my womb, my most delightful years with them, so far, have been their teen years. I love being able to walk with them through the minefield of maturation, and I have learned so much from them in this phase of life.

Those teen years are also fear-filled ones for parents of girls … ask any father!

As they mature and grow they also become increasingly vulnerable to heartaches, abuses and violence.

Protector becomes our most instinctual role in these years.

In the past week, my

mother heart

has been breaking …

Almost three hundred,



teen girls were snatched under the dark of night, and taken away from their school … the place that was to help give them a future.

I am no political expert, not a scholar, not knowledgeable about the clash of cultures in Nigeria, but

I am a mom

of a teenage daughter

and I cannot fathom what the moms of these daughters are going through, are thinking …

But, I know this

I would be asking

how can this happen?

what is she going through?

how can she, they, be gone almost two weeks …

and no one knows where she is?

and no one seems to be looking for her?

I’d be crying out to the world, saying what if she was your daughter?

“It would be sad if we lost our instinct and our courage to love and protect.”
Emeli Sande


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