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About a year ago I was consulting with DIY websites, videos, Pinterest and my daughter’s tastes, all in preparation for her big move … from a room on our upper floor to the suite in the basement.

Although the renovation took far more time than I had ever dreamed that it would (and isn’t that how it often goes), it did get (mostly) completed by the end of the summer.

Our daughter is a university student and, well …

(how do I say this so that those of you who have not reached this ‘era’ of parenting?)

it was time for she (and we) to have more …

independence 😉

She had definite ideas about how she saw her room developing.

I had even more definite ideas about my budget!

We made a deal …

She would modify her dream of board and batten paneled walls, and she would purchase her own ‘dream’ wallpaper (I grew up in the wall paper era, and I am not ready to pay for something that may just claim my salvation as well as my money).

So, the first week of July, I descended to the basement to take pics, and get started on the process of de-construction.

Despite two windows, the room was dark!20140507-061725.jpg

The brown carpet, brown furnishings and ugly wall color were not helping to lighten the room.

The bathroom was equally ugly (though a bit brighter due to half the room having white tile on it’s walls) with everything original to when the house was built. The bathroom vanity was sturdy, but ugly (in the pictures, above, the vanity has already been painted a brown-black, inside and out) and the mirror was that typical builders grade flat mirror attached to the wall with no frame.

The bedroom was to get a fresh, brighter coat of paint, woodwork around the room and windows, wallpaper, laminate flooring and a cool bookcase built in to the entrance to the storage under the stairs (no pics here of that area) … all on a budget of … not much money! In the next post (next Thursday) I will share the renovation, along with pictures to prove it really did occur.




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