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Yesterday I invigilated (love that word … it sounds so important!) a test for a student.

This young man and I have spent a number of days, after school, closed up in an office or classroom, this school year. Each time it was so that he could write a math test, which I invigilated (love having yet another opportunity to use that word).

I have to say, in the beginning I thought this was a little over-eager-beaver. I mean, really, what’s the hurry? Why work on a math course that is designed for the grade above this young man? What reason, what benefit could possibly be worth the tutor, the home work and the invigilator (three for three!)?

But, now I get it!

And I do not just get it, but I’ve gotta say, I respect the reason that this school year of insanity was all about.

This young man is bright academically, quite bright. He is one who would be led, and who would choose, the more academically challenging courses.

He is also a creative young man, and although he can clearly do the tougher academic courses, his soul longs to create, to build and to fix things. He loves woodworking and automotive technologies.

If he were to do his math coursework next year, as it is designed, he would have a schedule full of academic courses. This would help him to achieve his scholarly goals, but it would fail to nurture his hands-on passions.

So, this young man chose to have a year of tutors, of extra homework, and an invigilator (who is so happy to use that word), in exchange for time in his schedule for sanity in the shop next school year.

His choice, and his family’s support of it, reminded me of how often we discourage the bright academic students from taking classes and courses such as Drama, Textiles, Cooking, Woodworking, Automotive, etc. We rationalize that if they can do the tough course work, they should not waste their time on the hands-on courses.

But, the trades are not for the ‘dummies’. Like Calculus, English Lit., and Physics they too are areas of study that lead people to fulfill their passions … the same passions that God himself has called us to fulfill, as if for Him.

I wonder how many bored academics we have sitting in our classrooms?

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