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* A re-post from three years ago … one whose message I needed to be reminded of, myself.

One of my daughters just got glasses … again …

She first started wearing corrective lenses when she was about nine. And she looked stunningly brilliant in them (I might be a little bit prejudiced, since she is mine 😉 ).

But then adolescence arrived (sigh) and SHE not longer appreciated her appearance in specs. She begged, she pleaded, she bribed (where she learned bribery as a form of motivation, I have no idea) for contact lenses. And then they broke, so we had them fixed. Not long after that, they mysteriously broke once again. And, like Humpty Dumpty, they couldn’t be put back together. I was not impressed!

She felt that the only solution was to replace them with contact lenses (obviously SHE does not pay the bills). I told her she was free to invest in them whenever she would like, but that I would purchase new frames for her. She was NOT willing to budge (where she got her stubborn streak I will never know … I bet it’s from her father’s side). And neither was I (I got my stubborn streak from my hubby, of course).

So, I watched her struggle through months of not being able to see the writing on then board at school, not being able to fully appreciate watching a movie at the theater, and playing basketball … how she ever managed to get on the team with her blind spots (which were wherever she tried to look) I will never know.

Finally, this summer she forfeited (thus, I won … not that winning is everything, or that I am an intensely competitive person 😉 ), and new frames and lenses were purchased.

And what was her response when she put them on?

“The trees have leaves.”

Now for months, my daughter has known that the trees have leaves. To some extent she could even see them, but not clearly, not as individual leaves, but as a clump of green. What she knew to be leaves, was really only her memory of what it was that made trees green. She was blind to the reality of their existence, because she rejected the tool that she required to see evidence of them.

In reality, she was blind by choice.

And, once she made the choice to get glasses, and to no longer stumble through the mirages in the desert, what she saw was so delightful, so … eye opening … she wondered why she had waited for so long.

How many of us choose to wander through physical, emotional, mental or spiritual deserts? How long do we thirst for a cure, for relief, for answers when they are right in front of our eyes? But, we allow our pride to hinder us from making the choice to see clearly?

The regrets of John Newton’s chosen blindness for much of his life are so clear in the lyrics of his hymn, Amazing Grace, that you can almost feel his heartache within yourself as you read or sing them. He was fortunate (as are we who sense a oneness with understanding of his words) to have opened his eyes while he still had life to live … to see all that he had been missing.

Have you ever been living your life and felt as though there was just no purpose, no reason for any part of it? Ever felt as though you were living in a life of fog? As though your existence was dull and out of focus? Maybe it is because you (and I) have lost sight of our responsibility to seek corrective assistance so as to improve our outlook on life.

There is only one thing that can magnify the vision of our life … Jesus.

Jesus then said,

“I came into the world to bring everything into the clear light of day,

making all the distinctions clear,

so that those who have never seen will see.”

John 9:39


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