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Welcome to February!

Wow! Already the first month of the year has come and gone.

As I looked back at the month I can simply say that … well, let me be really honest with you … I am glad to say good-bye to this month. It was long, it held challenges and frustrations … and it’s done! Hurray!

Sometimes the past needs to just stay there. And sometimes re-visiting the past, or a past experience, is just what the doctor ordered. That was the case as I shared the post Back to the Shack, where I shared my re-visiting of a book that I love.

Crying it Out
(a tale of more momma guilt)

Reaching Down
(being pursued by love that does not end)

A Birth Story
(the birth of breath)

Thanks For Things
(it really is the little things)

Have a lovely day,

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Well folks, it is just eleven more months until Christmas … done your shopping yet?

I am!


Now that was False Boasting, and that is exactly the name of the most viewed post of this week. It is a post about how we tend to advertise falsely about our lives, and what we should really be boasting about.

Also this week were :

(be careful in looking forward that we do not wish our one life away)

Got a Dementor in Your Life
(what is sucking the life from you today?)

Choices > Abilities
(sometimes success comes not from our abilities, but our choices)

Friday, Where Have You Been All Week?
(a little something to bless you this day)

Blessings to you this day,

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This week has been a tight week to discover the best (most viewed) post of the week on itsawonderfilledlife.

I believe that My Daughter Is Twenty-One was the most viewed for two reasons … it was one that people knew would be personal (and therefore more ‘real’), and it was one that readers would relate to, as parents who watch the days pass like years, and the years pass like days …

Also this week were :

A Letter to my Kids
(what I want most for my kids to not become)

The Wink Challenge
(heavenly expressions of ‘I love you’)

Dog for Sale … Cheap
(how a run away dog and a teens baptism spoke to my soul)

Beautiful Awakening
(shouldn’t every first morning breath be a beautiful awakening?)

Blessings to you this day,

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