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I love the debates I have with my son, for we both share our opinions with conviction and passion, yet, because we are not of the same gender, we are able to walk away from such discussions with no bruises.

That said, we had such a debate recently, and after thoughtful consideration, he was wrong.

I was watching the movie, Young Victoria, and specifically her coronation. It was this scene which birthed a debate.

My son said, “she looks scared to death”

To which I replied, “she probably was, as this event diminished her human rights and replaced them with duty to her country, and all that went with that.”

Then he said, “it was a choice. All of life is about choice. Choice is what God gave us all.”

And I pondered (but kept quiet because I really wanted to watch the movie) his words for days after.

I have come to the conclusion that he is right, and wrong. And it is because of my mother-child relationship to and with him that I have found his words to be such.

For I am the woman who loved him from before he was born. I am that one who believes in him, who pushes him, who would die for him. I am bound to him through the experience and responsibility of motherhood. I am duty-bound, for though our relationship was born from love, I must often choose to put my care of him, above myself. That is my duty.

Though individual choice is a common-heard mantra, duty is bound to choice … every choice.

Though it may not be popular, our opinions and our expressions through our appearance are not our own in the workplace. While we are ‘on the clock’ we do not represent ourselves alone, we also represent the organization or business that is paying us. During work hours we are duty-bound to represent our employer. We can wear what we like, but we always need to keep our duty to our position in mind.

We have choice to accept the love of God. Though he pursues us for all of our lives, he does not force his love on us. Once we do receive what God offers to all, we are then duty-bound to him, and to his teachings. In Matthew 4:19, Jesus said, “come follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” There are two steps to this commitment, following (accepting) him and then doing the task (duty) that goes with the commitment.

In keeping our duty to our workplace, our family, our God and community we become leaders … maybe not leaders by position or rank, but leaders in the hearts of the men and women around us.

Duty is part of choice,

“Leadership is not a rank.
Leadership is not a position.
Leadership is a decision.
Leadership is a choice.
It has nothing to do with your position in the organization.

If you decide to look after the person to the left of you, and to look after the person to the right of you, you have become a leader.”
Simon Sinek

It is not just our employers, our government and our family members who are duty-bound to work for the good of all. We are all bound, by duty, to diminish so that others might thrive alongside of us.

To do this may lessen stress and anxiety in our family members and co-workers, by giving them a safe and caring community.

To do this may decrease our focus on differences (race, religion, etc.) and bring people together to share in common human experiences.

To do this may result in senior citizens and those with special needs feeling part of the community that they live in, rather than feeling like (or being treated as) burdens on society.

To do this may result in less homelessness, abuse and substance abuse.

I realize, even reading my own words, that this sounds so pie-in-the-sky, Mr. Rodgers esque. And to do that, to look after those around us, is our duty as members of a workplace, a family, a community.

“The price of greatness is responsibility.”
Winston Churchill


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On January 1st I received my annual report for my blog … this blog.

It is full of fun and interesting facts (well … fun and interesting to me), as well as eye-catching graphics.

Apparently I published 323 new posts in 2013 … wow! I guess I had a few things to say!

Viewers located itsawonderfilledlife on FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter, websites with links to this blog, email subscriptions, as well as intriguing Google searches.

Although most visitors to this blog came from Canada, the US and UK were not far behind.

The most viewed posts of 2013 were:

Things Not to Say to a Parent of a Child with Disabilities

It Matters who you Marry

What a Christian School is What it is Not

Top 10 Goals for 2013-Marriage

Giving Birth

The first two are guest posts, by fantastic writers writing about issues that touch many. The following three are Carole-originals.

Apparently hubby was my most active commenter … I guess he had a few things to say too!

There have been almost 50,000 hits to itsawonderfilledlife since the first post in March of 2011.

2013 ended with 753 ‘followers’ of itsawonderfilledlife.

The average daily number of views, in 2013, was 51.

So …

big deal!

what does it matter?

who cares?

do stats tell us anything?

As I sat looking over the stats I was amused, I was entertained, but mostly I was thankful.

Thankful that this daily practice … one for my own good … has also been enjoyed by others.

If you want to know the truth, the stats are cool …

but, they are not as rewarding as the comments.

Some comments are on the site, but most come in the form of emails, of messages, and even face-to-face conversations. Most often they start this way :

What you wrote today was just what I needed / I could so relate to what you shared / I had no idea that I was not the only one who had this happen / I had that happen to me too / thank-you

The more real, the more vulnerable, the more honest I am in my writing …

the more of you say thank-you.

Maybe, just maybe, what we all seek most is what is




Maybe, just maybe, we are all starving for that which is really real?

Really real is messy, embarrassing, humiliating …

but every time I peel back another layer of this onion skin shell of a facade someone says to me


The stats are fun and interesting facts (and maybe one day they will blossom to the point that I am writing this for my heart, mind, soul and bank account 😉 ), but it is the comments that make me eager to get up and do it all again tomorrow.

So, from the bottom of my heart,


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The most viewed post this week did not surprise me.

We have all been hurt by the church, in the church, in the name of the church, by people who invest in the church. It is a common thread for many, most … maybe all.

Partly our struggle comes from our expectations of the church.

Partly our struggle comes from the expectations within the church.

But, Why We Struggle To Love Her is bigger that expectations, and my goal in this post was to unravel some of the tangled mess of knots that make us struggle, to see what the real struggle is with our communities of worship.

This Is Not Mothers Day But …
(my humble story, and a video to encourage us as moms)

Celebrating 70
(a celebration of my dad)

Really Me
(me … the good, the bad, the ugly … the REAL me)

The Homeschool Question
(my annual offer to homeschool my kids)

As it is Remembrance Day, in Canada, this coming Monday ( on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month), as well as Veterans Day, Poppy Day and Armistice Day in other countries around the world, I wanted to share a short video in honor of veterans, of any war or conflict, from anywhere around the world.

Most veteran live their lives, but some are living in poverty and desperation … possibly partially due to attempts to keep living with the nightmares of what they have seen in battle. When I have heard the stories of the man my grandfather was to his wife and children, due to his addiction to alcohol, I know that war has horrific and life-long scars that can become ancestral curses for generations.

As I watched this transformation video, I found myself hearing the words of the Jason Gray song, Remind Me Who I Am. May God work, through the hands and feet of those who love Him, to transform those whose lives were transformed by the sacrifice of giving their lives for others.

Blessings to you this day,


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This week has been a tight week to discover the best (most viewed) post of the week on itsawonderfilledlife.

I believe that My Daughter Is Twenty-One was the most viewed for two reasons … it was one that people knew would be personal (and therefore more ‘real’), and it was one that readers would relate to, as parents who watch the days pass like years, and the years pass like days …

Also this week were :

A Letter to my Kids
(what I want most for my kids to not become)

The Wink Challenge
(heavenly expressions of ‘I love you’)

Dog for Sale … Cheap
(how a run away dog and a teens baptism spoke to my soul)

Beautiful Awakening
(shouldn’t every first morning breath be a beautiful awakening?)

Blessings to you this day,

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The best of this week was Regrets I Have A Few… and don’t we all.

But the thing about regrets is that we do not need to keep living the status quo. If you have regrets, as I have regrets, change how you are living … today. Each morning that we inhale that first, full lunged intake of oxygen we have a fresh start … lets try to start it freshly.

Blessings to you this day,


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800px-Keji_sunrise_treesI love to awaken before the rest of my family is up.

This is especially true in the summer time, when the windows are opened.

The house is so very quiet.

The only sounds are the sounds of my computer keys clicking as I start my day with God, through the ends of my fingertips, as my soul gets poured out in the daily reminder that it truly is a wonder-filled life.

But, in the summer my morning quiet time is less quiet, but even more wonder-filled.

The dawn chorus of many birds sing through the open windows.

I hear the crazy neighborhood woodpecker, who keeps mistaking the metal lamp standard for wood.

I hear the bark of one dog, leading to a frenzied conversation between all dogs withing hearing distance of each other.

On the rare morning the nearby coyotes call out their morning song.

And then there is the sun, something that is a rare sight during the winter months, but one that we see almost daily in the summer. Some mornings it’s brilliance through the trees beckons me to emerge from my house, and stand in wonder as it peeks from behind every tower in it’s path.

And the sun illuminates the magical creations of the spiders, webs edged in dew …

the brilliance of the colors of the flowers in my garden …

the vivid greens of the grass and leaves.

And I am drawn in to the creation

which draws me to the Creator

it truly is

a wonder-filled life!

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