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The best of this week was Regrets I Have A Few… and don’t we all.

But the thing about regrets is that we do not need to keep living the status quo. If you have regrets, as I have regrets, change how you are living … today. Each morning that we inhale that first, full lunged intake of oxygen we have a fresh start … lets try to start it freshly.

Blessings to you this day,


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Yikes! I almost forgot that I promised to post the most viewed post of the week every Saturday.

This week, Looking In All The Wrong Places was the, hand down, leader of the week.

Blessings on the coming week,


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Hi readers!

I have decided to start posting on Saturdays now as well as every other day of the week (because you just do not get enough of my blog in your inbox already 😉 ).

Each Saturday (at a yet undetermined time) I will provide a link to the most viewed post on itsawonderfilledlife for the six days gone past. This way, if you like to read what I ramble about, but you have a life of your own, and cannot possibly read every meaningful, or ridiculous, or rant-filled, or spiritual, or humorous post I write, you can still read what others have read the most. It’s kind of a win-win, because you get to read whatever others deem most popular, without having to avoid feeding your families, or getting your bills paid, or exercising, or cleaning the toilet (now you know what gets avoided in my house by writing this blog each day).

This week the most viewed post was Summers End … sigh! I am still mourning that reality! And my email inbox is so reflective of summer ending, as it is NEVER empty anymore!


Blessings this weekend!

Find rest.

Love each moment.

Encourage someone.


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