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“Just a little,” came the response of one of our kids, as he was grumbling about the dark of the morning. It was early on a Monday morning, and he had a basketball practice.

The comment I had made previously was, “at least the sky is starting to lighten.”

That is how I push through the dark months of winter … looking for the approaching light, appreciating even the miniscule difference from one dawn to the next.

We have a choice, every winter day, do we see the immensity of the dark or do we see the increasing light?

Some days, stumbling in the dark, I forget to look for the light.

Some days, there is less visible light, because the clouds have covered the expanse so that the light can not penetrate through until it is higher in the sky. It is on those days that our minds knowledge of the light above must rule over what our eyes cannot see … that it is starting to lighten … just a little.

I recently discovered a website that helps me with this head knowledge. According to www.sunrisesunset.com, the sun rises about two minutes earlier each day. That is not much, certainly not a discernible difference, from day to day.

But, that little two minute change can add up. That’s fourteen minutes each week! That’s almost an entire hour in the month of February!

All of a sudden just a little is a not little at all.

Some days I am so busy looking at the setting sun, I forget the glory and majesty of it’s rise. Some days I am too busy looking … back.

It is in looking ahead, at this season in the year, that we need to keep our focus on the horizon at dawn, anticipating what is … ahead.

We have a choice, every winter day, do we see the immensity of the dark or do we see the increasing light? Because the light is always, always increasing … just a little … if we look at the right horizon.


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800px-Keji_sunrise_treesI love to awaken before the rest of my family is up.

This is especially true in the summer time, when the windows are opened.

The house is so very quiet.

The only sounds are the sounds of my computer keys clicking as I start my day with God, through the ends of my fingertips, as my soul gets poured out in the daily reminder that it truly is a wonder-filled life.

But, in the summer my morning quiet time is less quiet, but even more wonder-filled.

The dawn chorus of many birds sing through the open windows.

I hear the crazy neighborhood woodpecker, who keeps mistaking the metal lamp standard for wood.

I hear the bark of one dog, leading to a frenzied conversation between all dogs withing hearing distance of each other.

On the rare morning the nearby coyotes call out their morning song.

And then there is the sun, something that is a rare sight during the winter months, but one that we see almost daily in the summer. Some mornings it’s brilliance through the trees beckons me to emerge from my house, and stand in wonder as it peeks from behind every tower in it’s path.

And the sun illuminates the magical creations of the spiders, webs edged in dew …

the brilliance of the colors of the flowers in my garden …

the vivid greens of the grass and leaves.

And I am drawn in to the creation

which draws me to the Creator

it truly is

a wonder-filled life!

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