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Every morning, at six o’clock, the alarm on my iPad awakens me to the gentle music of the above song. It is like awakening from a dream, and into a new dream. It is an awakening into a most joy-filled eutopia. It both makes me want to awaken, and want to stay right where I am … so that the music does not end … so that the feeling it creates within me does not end.

It used to be that I would be awakened by hubby’s talk radio station. Certainly it did the job of awakening me and getting me motivated to get out of bed … and run from the room so that I no longer had to hear it anymore.

Then it was my music radio station, which was also successful in moving me from the warmth of my covers to the cool of the tile in the bathroom, but it always seemed to come on as the news came on, and the top headlines are rarely good news.

Then I began using the alarm on my cell phone. And it did well at startling me from my slumber, but it was simply … functional.

At the same time that I had the above mentioned morning awakenings, I also had the violent sound of my coffee grinder/brewer create something similar in my body to the medical practice of placing the paddles on your chest to get your heart to start beating … and boy, would it beat!

It was not until recently that I decided it was time for a beautiful awakening each morning.

So I scanned the music loaded on my device, for the perfect morning wake up. When my eyes fell upon Ennio Morricone that I knew I was onto something good. The song, Love Affair, is the theme from the movie of the same name. Released in 1994, Love Affair is the second remake of the timeless story of Terry and Mike (“Love Affair”-1939, “An Affair to Remember”-1957). It is a story of …

what else?

redemption …

(is there any other theme that we … consciously or not … seek more?)

And what a beautiful awakening awaits me each day … it is such a beautiful awakening that there each morning, when greeted by this love affair of a song … redeeming all that has been and is to come.

yesterday does not matter

today does not even matter

all that matters is awakening …

filling lungs with that first morning breath, and soul with that first whisper …

good morning.

“Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”
Ephesians 5:14


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800px-Keji_sunrise_treesI love to awaken before the rest of my family is up.

This is especially true in the summer time, when the windows are opened.

The house is so very quiet.

The only sounds are the sounds of my computer keys clicking as I start my day with God, through the ends of my fingertips, as my soul gets poured out in the daily reminder that it truly is a wonder-filled life.

But, in the summer my morning quiet time is less quiet, but even more wonder-filled.

The dawn chorus of many birds sing through the open windows.

I hear the crazy neighborhood woodpecker, who keeps mistaking the metal lamp standard for wood.

I hear the bark of one dog, leading to a frenzied conversation between all dogs withing hearing distance of each other.

On the rare morning the nearby coyotes call out their morning song.

And then there is the sun, something that is a rare sight during the winter months, but one that we see almost daily in the summer. Some mornings it’s brilliance through the trees beckons me to emerge from my house, and stand in wonder as it peeks from behind every tower in it’s path.

And the sun illuminates the magical creations of the spiders, webs edged in dew …

the brilliance of the colors of the flowers in my garden …

the vivid greens of the grass and leaves.

And I am drawn in to the creation

which draws me to the Creator

it truly is

a wonder-filled life!

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